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    Patent: Further breakdown of Canon’s upcoming IBIS technology

    Watch this video a few seconds before 9:26 and when it gets to that time, you'll instantly see the difference. IS Video Difference I have a number of Canon lenses w/o IS. It would be much more cost effective to get a Canon body with IBIS than to spend extra money on a lens that has IS over a...
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    A couple of EOS R cameras that can be considered “pro” are in the pipeline [CR1]

    I do not get the point of this post. (sorry, couldn't resist! ;) )
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    Canon USA lays off 60 employees from the camera division

    the company “is constantly reviewing business needs and organizational structures to help ensure that we are best positioned for future growth and development. At this time, we are confident that after hiring SONY employees, we will be well positioned for future growth and success.”