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    Canon to add 24p recording to the Canon EOS 90D, Canon EOS RP & Canon EOS M6 Mark II

    Promptly responding to customer requests, at least those that can be delivered via F/W updates, is what Fuji has been really successful at. It has periodically released based on customer demands and asks. I have a Fuji setup, but my go to is still Canon and I am glad Canon is finally taking this...
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    Poll: Are you going to be preordering the Canon EOS 90D or Canon EOS M6 Mark II?

    I am not buying anything until I see the roadmap. The R mount lenses are too enticing to invest in a body that cannot use the R-mount. 90D is not really a replacement for my 7D MkII yet. Need to see how it performs with my use cases primarily geared to wildlife. I will not depart from Canon...
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    We think it’s almost a sure thing Canon will announce a pro EOS R body in 2020

    Canon has had this Goto Market strategy with lenses for a long time now. The move to the EF mount from the old FD was a revolution. This coupled with the Eye-controlled focusing was something that helped them a lot and from it's introduction of EF in 1987, gave them a 5 year heads up on (Also on...
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    1DX Mark 1 - Still worth it?

    Honestly, I have been using a friend's 1Dx for the last few months. It does very well in low light and my event photos at ISO6400 have imperceptible noise using the available stage light. It's a treat to not have to do any NR in post. However, I feel that my 7D MkII and the 5DMkIV acquire focus...
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    APS-C Canon EOS R body likely [CR2]

    In that case will this APS-C model be more of a 7D MkIII MILC alternative? Or are your sources still hinting at a separate 7D MkIII in the current body format? Thanks
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    The first RF mount super telephoto lens will be a DO lens [CR2]

    It's the 400 f/4 DO II for Canon. Nikon on the other hand had the 300mm f/4 and just came out with their 500mmf/5.6 DO equivalent. The latter costs less than half the Canon 400 mm DO f/4 II. Let's hope Canon takes the pricing to heart for these DO lenses. The Pro's may not care about these, but...
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    New diffractive optics super telephoto lenses on the way, with a new twist….. [CR1]

    The competetion in this sector has been ramped up by Nikon's 500 f/5.6 DO (they call it Fresnell Prism) which for one extra stop disadvantage costs less than 50% of the Canon 400 DI II. As a serious hobbyist, I think twice about putting in $7000 in to a lens. I rent it and love the 400 DO. Was...
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    Is there an EOS R series camera with an APS-C sensor coming? [CR1]

    Please - I need the 7D MkIII equivalent with better ISO capability. Don't care if it has the R or the EF-S mount. I use mostly EF mount currently and waiting for the crop factor advantage for my needs on super-tele primes without any TC.
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    Sigma to announce 5 new lenses shortly, including a new 70-200mm f/2.8 OS Sport & 60-600mm f/4.5-6.3 OS Sport

    Spot on DocSmith. I had the 50-500 as my first long range lens. When I sacrificed the range and moved to the 100-400 LII the difference was night and day. Is the 500 f/4 sigma worth it still looking for some good comparisons between the canon 500 f/4 II and the sigma. Any help with guiding me...
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    Here are the first images and specifications of the Canon EOS R and the new RF mount lenses

    With the three adapters especially the ND and the PL, does it mean the big white version IIIs are going to lose the drop in slot? Loving the prospects of this rumored device. Hopefully the FPS will be enticing or at least at the 10 FPS range.. cannot wait until the full specs are out..
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    EF 100-400mm Mark II + EF 1.4x III Extender - 6D Mark II - Any Experiences/Feedback?

    KfirGuy, I have not used the version 1 of 100-400, nor the 6D MkII, however, I use the 100-400 LII and the 1.4x TC III on my 5dMkIII and 5DMkIV on a regular basis. I have gotten good results handheld at 1/2000 + f/10 with Auto ISO (100-1600 on 7DmkII and 100-6400 on 5DMkIV). However, if I need...
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    Canon EF 400mm f/2.8L IS III one of two “Big White Lenses” coming ahead of Photokina [CR3]

    Sorry had missed the detail about MkIII. I thought it was two big whites, one happens to be the 400 f/2.8 MkIII and the other was undisclosed. Completely missed that the undisclosed was also a MkIII. SORRY.
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    Canon EF 400mm f/2.8L IS III one of two “Big White Lenses” coming ahead of Photokina [CR3]

    Any idea if the “other” could be the 600 f/4 DO? With a lighter 400 f/2.8 and an even lighter 600 f/4 DO, would that not make a formidable combo?