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    Review: New Canon EOS R firmware

    I watched that video early on, and if it's as shown, it will be a huge improvement. The tracking will be welcome for my dance photography, since the R is prone to randomly losing its mind and following lord knows what. In my opinion, the more distant eye tracking is just to shut up the critics...
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    Canon will reclaim their full-frame megapixel crown [CR1]

    This joystick argument is old and tired. The touchscreen is so much faster. Besides, if you’re a company trying to make the transition from smartphone to camera easier, does it make sense to have more buttons/joystick or a great touchscreen? It’s an honest question and one very few people...
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    Canon EOS RP Specifications & Images

    If you actually look at real video comparisons on line, of which there are many, you’ll see that the digital IS is quite effective. The only downside is that it crops in closer and perhaps creates some softness. Perhaps. However, as far as stabilizing the image, it works well. It is certainly...
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    Canon EOS RP Specifications & Images

    I doubt it, as it's likely the "Rebel" equivalent with a full frame. However, we won't know until we know! And even though my R is battle-tested, it's not something I would have done if planned. We got caught off guard by a freak snow storm while shooting Christmas lights a local preserve. I...
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    Canon EOS RP Specifications & Images

    I have the R and can confirm it's weather-resistant as far as I can tell. I had it out in a heavy snow storm with the 24-105 for 2.5 hours and it worked perfectly the entire time. It was literally covered in wet snow and kept on truckin', and keeps on today. The scroll wheel is a question I...
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    Canon EOS RP Specifications [CR1]

    Seems to make sense based on weight and battery type. And the 24 mp sensor could be the same as the used by the M50. However, if an APS-C, that price would be ridiculous for the specs. Perhaps it's an M6 design with a full frame sensor.
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    Canon EOS RP Specifications [CR1]

    Absolutely correct. I just received my Small Rig L-bracket for the R and it certainly restricts movement. By the way, I got it at the pre-order price of $59 and it’s a steal at that price! Up to $79 now, so still a great deal.
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    Canon thinks the camera market will drop by another 50% over the next two years

    This is not accurate. The 24-105 and 35 are less expensive than other brand offerings, and the other two lenses are the only one's of their kind and warrant the high prices. Yes there's an EF 50 1.2, but it's no match for the RF version. Prices will fall as well. As a business, you price...
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    Canon places top five in U.S. patent rankings for 33 years running and first among Japanese companies for fourteen years running

    Troll much? This article is about the awarding of patents. How is your comment remotely relevant?
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    New major firmware for the Canon EOS R should arrive soon

    I’m not usually excited about firmware updates from Canon, but this one promises to be good!
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    DPReview: Canon EOS R vs Nikon Z 6 vs Sony a7 III, which is best?

    Good luck proving that defamation lawsuit, counselor. And it’s not illegal. Name calling will not land you in jail.
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    5 axis IBIS coming to next Canon EOS R series camera [CR2]

    I always wonder why people feel the need to threaten switching brands like anyone cares. And why would you move to “S” while noting the 850? Why not switch to “N”? Either way, enjoy whichever letter you choose. I’ll tell “C” you left.
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    5 axis IBIS coming to next Canon EOS R series camera [CR2]

    Here’s the thing: you’ll have less noise, but the slower shutter speed will add blur unless your subjects, your family, stay completely still. I know mine doesn’t, so shutter speed trumps IBIS. Although I won’t argue against adding it, as long as there’s no downside.
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    Review: Canon EOS R by DPReview

    While I agree the 5dIV does not compare well to the D850, and 6DII was just a mistake, please share how the M50 and R are inferior to their competition, while also naming their competition. I've done a lot of research on these cameras, and watched too many videos and read too many reviews, but...
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    At least two new EOS M cameras coming in 2019 [CR2]

    The concern about the "lack of an upgrade path" lacks any merit. First, who in their right mind would want to use an "M" lens on an "R" camera? Second, who, still in their right mind, would want to use one of the behemoth "R" lenses attached to an "M" body? As the owner of an M50, I laugh...