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    Canon thinks the camera market will drop by another 50% over the next two years

    Has anyone been able to read the Nikkei interview? It is in Japanese & behind a paywall as far as I can tell. My interest is that a 50% drop seems hard to reconcile with #ome of the projections in the information provided in Canon’s financial projections. If anybody knows of a site with the...
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    Is a native EF mount coming to a Canon full frame mirrorless camera? [CR1]

    Hello All, My guess is that a new mirrorless FF EF-X mount will be an “extreme EF-S” with the sensor to mount distance equaling the EF (so EF & EF-S are a native fit) and EF-X lenses will be able to have glass extending into the body further than EF-S. This will give the FF mirrorless a...