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    Patent: Canon RF mount modular CINE camera appears in drawings

    Given the the 2 XLR ports on the back, the CinemaEos style (side mounted) dials and buttons, the handle, cheese plate and the CinemaEos/Arri rosette. I think this is very safely what it purports to be - a video camera. I think it's interesting that they are using the LP-E6 battery. That might...
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    Patent: Here is Canon’s IBIS unit

    The GFX 50 doesn't have IBIS, but from experience, IBIS on the GFX100 is pretty much a miracle. When you get in to sensors 50mp and above, getting sharp images handheld, or even on a tripod, can be tricky. I've gotten decently consistent sharp images, handheld with the GFX100 down to 1/.5xSS...
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    Here is the Canon Cinema EOS C500 Mark II

    With the updated specs, this is seeming more like the C700FF Lite with the biggest feature being internal RAW recording. (the CR specs are a little iffy on whether 5.9k full frame is recorded internally to the CFExpress or not). If so, then this would repair some of the complaints (mine) about...
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    We’ve received the pricing for the new RF lenses

    I'm forgetting, which EF 24-70 2.8L IS is it that you're comparing this to? :)
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    Canon Cinema EOS C500 Mark II information [CR1]

    As Netflix is a major purchaser of independent productions and contracts out the production of a number of it's own properties, they have camera standards, similar to other networks like BBC, Discovery, natGeo, etc. Because it's become such a behemoth in the industry, it's camera specs are...
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    Is the Canon EOS C500 Mark II finally coming in 2019? [CR1]

    Not sure they've sold a single C700 FF. Never seen one outside of NAB or CineGear. And I'm not sure characterizing the C500 as a failure is correct either. It was actually a pretty popular B-cam and was used on several features because of it's low light ability. And there were a lot of mid level...
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    Unreleased Canon Cinema EOS camera used for 8K capture at WWDC

    ...and the memory (256 gb vs 1.5tb) ...and the video cards (you would need 8 of yours to equal the memory and bandwidth of the 2 Vega II duo cards in the 50k Mac... and your beloved thread ripper board that can only handle 256gb of memory.... and...and..and. Look, like you, I have no need for...
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    Unreleased Canon Cinema EOS camera used for 8K capture at WWDC

    Sure. Although I don't know how he gets a $19k machine when the RAM alone spec'd in the Verge article is $18k (couldn't find it cheaper). Sure he specs 64gb modules that save him some dough, (but not that much even if he can come up with enough slots to bank the 1.5tb in the verge...
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    Unreleased Canon Cinema EOS camera used for 8K capture at WWDC

    Again with the monitor. The Dell you quoted is a 400nit SDR model that uses the same backlight technology as the 10 year old NEC collecting dust next to me. It is not a reference monitor, it is not HDR. It is not XDR (honestly, Apple is asking for it with this one). There is no LCD panel that...
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    Unreleased Canon Cinema EOS camera used for 8K capture at WWDC

    Your predisposition for all caps, and propensity for footnotes that include amazon notwithstanding. Please put together a build with the same components and I/o contained in the fictitious apple machine. Let’s see how much you save. A general rule in this industry is that if a component costs...
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    Unreleased Canon Cinema EOS camera used for 8K capture at WWDC

    Glad your happy with a completely different set of components. :-) The referenced Hypothetical machine included specific hardware and manufacturers pricing for the components. Harry’s machine listed different, lesser components. If you can build the same machine for less, you should give it a...
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    Unreleased Canon Cinema EOS camera used for 8K capture at WWDC

    I believe the Mac Pro Demo stations were running multiple streams of 8k footage shot in Africa on a Red. There was another demo...possibly 'off-site' that showed a Canon camera on a robot arm with some AI software doing live compositing...You've seen it here on CR.
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    Unreleased Canon Cinema EOS camera used for 8K capture at WWDC

    Ha. you're comparing your $20k monstrosity with a completely hypothetical $50k apple machine, listing completely different hardware from the ground up. Classic. You got my attention with the monitor, spec'ing something that has "one" feature in common with the apple XDR (8k, sort of)...
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    Industry News: Fujifilm announces the GFX 100, a 102mp medium format camera

    Hasselblad, (and for that matter, Phase One) has, since the H3d, made medium format digital cameras with a range of sensor sizes from 33x44 on up to 40x53mm (the h5d-50 in the chart was the older ccd version. The CMOS version (H5d-50c) was a 33x44. Medium format has always referred to range of...
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    Industry News: Fujifilm GFX 100 specifications leak, 100mp medium format camera on the way

    Uh...I do. Yes it's a niche market. The top of the line is always a niche market. Anyone shooting fashion, or landscapes, high level portraiture, architecture, product and fine art would want this camera. Dropped the mic? Depends on whether you consider outclassing every other competitor in...