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    Miscellaneous Wildlife

    Some shots with EOS R at Sungei Bulow Nature Reserve. Paradise Tree snake - EOS R and 100-400 and 1.4 TC Baby Monitor that I almost stood on EOS R with 100-400 MkII and 1.4 TC Robber Fly - EOS R and 100 F2.8 Macro and Kenko 7mm Ext tube
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    Show your Bird Portraits

    Apologies for the late reply, been a bit busy of late. I can concur with what he was experiencing with the 100-400 and the R in low light. Was thinking at the time that the fabled firmware update might resolve the issue. I updated firmware when it was released and managed a trip to Sungei today...
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    Show your Bird Portraits

    Usually happens when trying to focus on distant subjects like the bird in these photos and the previous focus isn't in range. The R was set to one shot with small FP but have experienced it using servo as well. I was using the 28-70 prior to the 100-400 and when I switched to the 100-400 and...
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    Show your Bird Portraits

    Thanks Jack, The R works flawlessly with my 200 F2. With the 100-400 II there is a reticence sometimes for it to focus and it needs a bit of assistance getting there. Once locked on it stays locked on
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    Show your Bird Portraits

    Thanks Click
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    Show your Bird Portraits

    Thanks Alan, The place can be quite frustrating at times, I had almost given up for the day when i came across the Sun bird
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    Show your Bird Portraits

    Copper Throated Sunbird at Sungei Bulow Nature Reserve in Singapore EOS-R and 100-400 II + TC1.4
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    Ended: Your favourite new lens from Canon in 2018

    28-70 F2 for me. Had no intention to buy it but not regretting it one bit
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    EF Mount: Most verstatile mount?

    I have used the 100-400 II with and without the 1.4tc and as long as focus limiter is set it is ok If not then it needs some time to get there or a little manual assistance. Used the 135f2 in low light and had some issues locking focus, again set the focus limit to 1.6m and it behaved better...
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    Using EF lenses on Canon EOS R

    Looks like focus distance information is only for RF lenses Not displayed with the EF 85 f1.4 L and menu option is greyed out
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    Capture One Pro 12 - For the EOS R...

    Looking at my old receipts a new one is due very shortly You can always sign up for their beta testing program
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    EOS R: Internal LCD monitor functionality when using HDMI-out for video

    I have an atomos ninja v though not used it too much 1) you have 2 options. EOS R LCD and the Hdmi screen or just the hdmi screen 2) with both outputs chosen you can use the EOS R lcd. Touch to focus works and menus ar navigable on the lcd 3) never tried 4) yes I was able to record to both...
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    Miscellaneous Wildlife

    A wee walk about with the R and the 100-400 mkii I came across a couple of water monitors getting a bit frisky.
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    Great Whites to EOS R: AF, AF-Tracking

    I took the 200 F2 and the 100-400 out for a spin on Sunday, unfortunately the weather turned which seemed to drive most of the wildlife away. The 200 F2 worked fine they few shots I got. AF covered the full frame as well and the touch screen focus worked. The 100-400 with the 1.4 TC struggled a...
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    EOS R first impressions - post your hands-on impressions here

    So far mines has not seen daylight or anything below 1600 Quite impressed with low level handling and the output. Was shooting both R and 5D4 at a gig on Sunday and when I switched to the 5D4 I thought I had left the lens cap on. Shot some 4K video on both and the R looks much better, again in...