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    Canon Announces Two New Entry-Level Binoculars Featuring Lens-Shift Image Stabilization

    I had the Swarovski 10x42. Sold it and bought the Canon 12x36 is iii. The Swarovski optics WAY better but I can just see more detail with the is. And the canon is a lot easier on my eyes as I spend many hours looking through them. Can you imagine canon is with swarovski optics ? Must be the...
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    Patent: 83mp full-frame image sensor from Canon

    Aps-H crop ???
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    A new Canon DSLR seems to be getting teased on social media by a Canon ambassador

    Aaaa, the mythical 200-600 F5.6 zoom?
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    Anyone used their EOS R in the rain?

    I have used mine in light rain/drissle and heavy mist with no ill effects. It was not on purpose, I am just so used to using my 7dii and 5div in any weather that I totally forgot that I must be more careful with the R. But then I have also used the 80d in bad weather with no problems at all...
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    Canon 35 mm F1.4L II USM. Strange sound inside. Bad copy?

    Mine is exactly the same as yours and works perfectly. Never noticed it till I saw your post.
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    PowerShot G1X mark III or G7X mark II for underwater photography?

    I have the WP-DC55 and G7Xii. Never leaked but then I have never been deeper than 5m with it. Image quality is as expected for the class and happy with it. I can only compare with GoPro 6 black and it is better. And a lot better when lighting is not so good.
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    New firmware for EF400mm F2.8L IS III USM & EF600mm F4L IS III USM is coming?

    I hope it will fix sharpness issue with 2x extender. But then again I think it is the 2x extender that do not play well with the 400 iii.
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    Interview: Canon execs talk EOS RP with Imaging Resource

    I have used $12 000 glass on an EOS 1000d just last weekend. Just for the heck of it. And to my suprise the photos were stunning! Really stunning. Ok, the light was good and it is no pro full frame with ultra fast focusing and tracking but the point is the photos were really great! A $11 750...
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    Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS III USM

    Do not know. My previous was a 70-200 f4 L is. This is a bit better. I just needed the 2.8.
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    Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS III USM

    Not a great photo for seeing difference between series II and III but at least it adds someting tothe thread!!!. Iso 400 f2.8 1/1000.
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    EOS R on night drives (Kruger National Park)

    I see now that you cannot zoom in on the detail, especially the leopard photo. Must I upload the full resolution version as a thumbnail?
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    EOS R on night drives (Kruger National Park)

    This taken with a flash. iso400 f4 1/200 flash. Only about 5 meters away, so an easy shot. Autofocus spot on.
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    EOS R on night drives (Kruger National Park)

    All taken with 400 DO at F4. This taken from very far. iso12800 f4 1/80 no flash. High iso but you can still see the whiskers, so autofocus spot on.
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    EOS R on night drives (Kruger National Park)

    @AlanF. Deleted all the hare photos except this. This was an easy shot as the hare was quite near and not in the yellow grass. It was running away from us. iso20000 f4 1/100 no flash
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    EOS R on night drives (Kruger National Park)

    @AlanF. I agree, the 6dii and 5div autofocus is really really good with torch illuminated wildlife with the proviso that they are near, not moving and you have enough light and contrast. But try and focus on the lowly little shrub hare with its yellowish colour, yellow grass and the yellow light...