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    Hint about what to expect from Canon's step into full frame mirrorless?

    And I'll balk if it's a tiny non-ergonomic card deck sized body that doesn't balance well with my lenses. So, if it's like Sony? Well, perhaps there we agree.
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    Lightroom 7 rumor

    That's an argument I can sympathize with. If all you want/use/need is LR, then you're essentially re-buying it every year with CC, which is crappy. And hopefully if they ever were to remove the perpetual licensing option for LR, they would compensate with a LR only CC option. But even as I...
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    Lightroom 7 rumor

    Pay more? Lightroom + Photoshop for ~$100/yr. Unless you only upgrade every 8+ years, it's LESS expensive to do the subscription.
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    Lightroom 7 rumor

    I guess it's true what they say... "Cost of doing business" 10 minutes into the first paid gig of the year, and I've paid for the entire year of the CC photography plan. You go ahead and keep crying about a monthly expense that costs less than a really cheap lunch, and I'll keep laughing at you.
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    Will it be the EOS M1? [CR2]

    I have maybe $10k in EF glass. Not an obscene amount, but not trivial either. I want a Canon FF mirrorless to be whatever mount will perform the best, even if it's not EF. All I ask is a mount converter that's not obscenely priced. I'll probably get one or two native lenses that make sense...
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    What's Happening on the EF-M lens front?

    Yeah... I rented the 100-400 enough times to pay for it twice over in that 6 years, not wanting to buy because I was expecting the MkII to come out "any day now".
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    Canon EF 16-35mm f/4L IS USM

    Jamaica just after sunset from our balcony this January.
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    New Canon USA rebates, Including the EOS 5D Mark IV, EOS 77D EOS M5 and More

    Might finally be time to pull the trigger on an M5. I just need to decide which bundle, if at all. I was originally planning on M5+15-45, as it would be the smallest combo, then add the 22/2 and the 11-22. That'll be my tiny take anywhere kit. But now the 18-150 kit is only slightly more...
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    All is Quiet, but the Good Stuff is Coming

    Scratch that... It's been out since 2012, only Sony and Lexar make cards, and the format has been superseded by CFExpress? It's dead Jim.
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    All is Quiet, but the Good Stuff is Coming

    Sony embraced it, which is pretty much the kiss of death for any storage medium. It is based on a real standard and not Sony propitiatory though, so who knows.
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    Canon 5D mk iv - Err02

    I didn't spend three grand upgrading my camera to use the cheapest, sketchiest microSD card I could find. Get a card that isn't garbage.
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    Need some help, lighting on this kitchen real estate type shot....

    I've been shooting real estate for about five years, so I figured I'd be able to help... But privatebydesign pretty much said everything I was going to :) But to summarize anyhow... Brackets (5 is enough 95% of the time, about 1 1/3 apart), mixed light is always going to suck (eliminate it...
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    A thought I had about dual pixel raw and the future of postprocessing

    I've had a 5D4 since launch day, and haven't gotten around to even trying it. What you can do with it now, just doesn't interest me. Plus the couple of weeks I was stuck using DPP waiting for Adobe to add camera support, has made me resistant to ever launching it again if I can help it. What...
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    Patent: Canon EF 135 f/2L w/Apodization Filters
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    what's up with the 70-300 range?

    The only reason they still make it, is because it's actually a big seller, despite being a hunk of garbage. Nearly every "starter kit" type rebel bundle has the 75-300 in it. It's the zombie lens that won't die, despite there being MUCH better options for a starting crop shooter.