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    We’ve received the pricing for the new RF lenses

    These new lenses are likely extraordinary, but to be honest buying this glass and reselling 8 L lenses won't bring me more money. I'm glad Canon has a good working adapter for EF lenses. In a declining market, the new system will be a hard sell with glass this expensive.
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    Selling gear

    There's a freeware that will give you shutter count I use that works VERY well with my 5DIII
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    Patent: Tiny Canon 100-400mm lens and camera

    It's the market it will enter what worries me!
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    What about that EF 200-600mm f/4.5-5.6 IS from Canon?

    I'm really starting to wonder if Canon has abandoned development of any L lens in an EF mount now.
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    Patent: Canon camera with in-body stabilization and in-lens stabilization working together.

    The most important question now is "WHEN"? Once I see a reliable eye-autofocus, dual card slots and dependable IBIS with an improved sensor, I'll probably buy but who can say whether I will ever see that time before I close my eyes for the last time.
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    The Canon RF 85mm f/1.2L USM: The developers answer 10 questions

    The new glass looks amazing but way too expensive for now. Love to get into this system but RF glass is a one way street. EF glass allows me to go both ways.
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    The first supertelephoto for the RF mount to be an RF 500mm f/4L IS [CR1]

    With all this emphasis on RF glass, I'm really interested to see how well the R and RP and selling. This new glass is uber expensive and those of us with EF lenses , it's a hard sell to justify buying one way glass. I'll be waiting a while longer before I consider a new body. A couple of...
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    Ricoh predicts DSLRs will bounce back

    Sales are going to be the driving force and where R&D will be positioned. Pentax is in a state a denial. If people switch entirely to mirrorless, I can't seem them transitioning back normally. The statement reminds me of a Kodak moment and we know where they went. I agree both have their...
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    First time lapse vidieo using EOS R (love it too!!)

    Seriously great work with mega talent behind the lens.
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    A couple of EOS R cameras that can be considered “pro” are in the pipeline [CR1]

    Sadly after 10 years with Canon I'm now exploring other options. I'm stalling because of a major investment with EF glass. If I do make a switch, I will miss Canon ergonomics. Their bodies fit my hand perfectly.
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    Canon RF 85mm f/1.2L USM coming May 9, 2019

    I'd be very curious to know how many are selling their DSLR's and EF mount lenses for this new very expensive gear.
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    Canon Inc. releases Q1 2019 financial results

    I'm smelling even sooner abandonment of Canon's DSLR line from this recent financial report/projection. They continue to suggest the supporting of the EF mount but that doesn't smell any better. I have a good number of Canon EF & DSLR's in my possession. This inevitably will decide on a new...
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    Patent: Canon RF 28mm f/1.8 & RF 50mm f/1.8

    That's good to know. The RF glass I find very expensive and quite honestly, I find little incentive to even look at it with a large collection of EF L glass.
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    Patent: Lots of small, light and fast EF prime lenses

    It's still a wait and see game on EF mounts & DSLR's. There hasn't been anything released to speak of since the 2 ML's have been released along with RF glass. There's talk about 1Dx Mark III but otherwise, all has been VERY quiet.
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    Umbrella frustration

    A C-Stand will benefit you but an umbrella that large used outdoors will act like a full fledged parachute and be tempted to collapse or be destroyed by a fall. You might look into a brolly instead but honestly, anything over 35" outdoors even with a C-Stand will at the very least require an...