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    Report: The next EOS R camera is reported to be undergoing field testing [CR1]

    Good... good... This will not be my next canon either :D
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    Canon RF 14-21mm f/1.4L USM one of the “crazy” lenses coming next year [CR1]

    If you can make a lens using optically perfect diamond, it'll can bend the light enough :D Also ther're nanostructures which already can bend the light in laboratories.
  3. C assembles a lens that can see behind itself

    C4... it'll be a plastic lens instead of glass? :D
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    Industry News: Here’s the Leica Q2

    Well, I'll wait for the panasonic version, and buy it for $1000 less :D
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    Canon EOS RP Specifications & Images

    Thank's God, I don't need to buy a new camera. No BSI no buy :D
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    5 axis IBIS coming to next Canon EOS R series camera [CR2]

    The biggest missing feature is a new BSI or stacked sensor.
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    Canon to showcase 8K products at NAB 2019, and bring 8K plans into clearer focus

    Cameras like the R and 5D don't need any video function. They're photographic cameras, not movie cameras. I want to see a camera without any video function but good or better or best still pictures.
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    Here are a few images of the upcoming Zeiss Otus 100mm f/1.4

    86mm filter thread against Sigma's 105mm.
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    Industry News: Zeiss announces the ZX1 full frame camera

    Well... it's sounds like an april fools joke for me.
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    Another EOS 7D Mark III Wishlist Makes the Rounds, Along With Some Opinion [CR0]

    Well, it's not obvious. The 6DII is not better than 6D in general, because imaging sensor quality is the most important part, and that is worse than the previous version.
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    Specifications and an Image of the PowerShot SX740 HS

    Some addition to crop whine: if the manufacturer using crop, they don't need to resample the full resolution to UHD. This makes video processing faster and easier.
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    Patent: Canon Wide Angle Zoom for Full Frame Mirrorless Camera

    21.64mm height will be not enough for fullframe sensor height.
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    A Prototype Full Frame Mirrorless From Canon Exists [CR1]

    I don't think so. I think they'll make an overpriced mediocre thing, to check the checkbox beside the full frame MILC.
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    Interview With Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki

    You knew what I like to see from Sigma? A new 10-18 DC (Art?) lens with some decent aperture (2.8 at least).