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    Is the Canon EOS 5DS series to be replaced by a mirrorless camera? [CR1]

    Now this I would buy. An Otus on this without an AA filter would really shine and be a direct threat to an X1d.
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    First look: Canon RF 50mm f/1.2L USM Image Quality

    There's more to the Otus than just overall sharpness. Let's see how the bokeh and the micro contrast look before we get too excited.
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    Large umbrella durability.

    You can find carbon tube in various IDs at most hobby stores or TAP Plastics. Lighter and stronger, especially in flex, than aluminum or steel pound for pound. This will provide the rigidity you're looking for, even as a somewhat snug press fit. Glue it in place with epoxy and it will be even...
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    6DMKII mac support

    Yeah, I wouldn't be too hopeful. I'm on Yosemite and there will never be support for my 5DIV on Yosemite. Sierra was released right around this time last year, and while the 5DIV is supported on Sierra, they made no effort to release a codec pack for Yosemite. I think Neuro is right; you'll have...
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    How happy are you with your 5D Mark IV?

    I love mine, and I've owned a 5DII and a 5DIII. As others have said, it's more the whole than the sum of the parts. 25% resolution increase puts me right at the sweet spot. My work doesn't really cry out for much more. Small but significant sensor improvements; the great touch screen is...
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    lens choice for Yosemite

    I just got back from three weeks of hiking the Sawtooths, the Tetons and Yellowstone. I had an 11-24, a 24TSE and a 100-400. Yosemite is compact; take the 11-24; as you know, it will get you frames your 16-35 just won't get.
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    Canon Full Frame Mirrorless Talk [CR1]

    Oh, there's so much disappointment ahead I can almost hear it from the future.
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    Technophobe or technology snob?

    I read about a study somewhere that found that the more competent someone was, the more likely they were to underestimate a self-characterization of their competence. Conversely, as we might expect, the less competent were inclined to overstate their competence, sometimes grossly and...
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    Crop Factor Change for 4K on Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Included in Coming Update & More

    Re: HiCrop Factor Change for 4K on Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Included in Coming Update & More Hmmm... so if I don't pay for the upgrade (because, you know, budget), I essentially have a faulty camera with lowered resale value? Or put another way, I pay a premium for being an early adopter? I already...
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    Why are sensors rectangular?

    Hoo boy, where to start? Artists for hundreds of years have been attracted to the Golden Rectangle, with an aspect ratio of 1.6180:1 (16:9 is 1.777:1). You can find this in all kinds of paintings, and more than a few PhDs have been launched describing the Golden Mean as used compositionally and...
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    Product photography recommendations

    I have done a ton of this kind of photography. Long story short: shoot it so you can knock it out of the background in Photoshop easily. Learn to use the pen tool to create a mask; then you can put it on whatever background you want in PS. Rebrand your company? Drop it on a different background...
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    Adobe Raising Prices on Creative Cloud Subscriptions in UK & Sweden

    Like, literally the day after they discontinued perpetual licenses. Optics, Adobe, optics!
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    Filming on trail

    A Steadicam Merlin might work for this and is probably on price point. It's handheld but works better than you might expect. It's small and pretty light, and could go in a backpack. It's a little fiddly, though...
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    I am blessed!

    Guy felt blessed, and then he made the mistake of showing up here.