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    Canon increased its global market share of still cameras in 2018

    Sony is a second system for me (A73, A9, A7R3) to go with my Canon gear (5D4, 5DsR, 1DX). I love them both, but for different reasons. Canon for wildlife and landscape, Sony for portraiture and street photography. Sony's eye AF is simply amazing, especially on the A9.
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    Ended: Canon EOS 5DS R Body $1704 (Reg $3699)

    I bought one from them on a previous offering. It came within 10 days and worked perfectly. I had no problems with the order or the service. YMMV...
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    Is a dedicated astrophotography EOS R coming in 2019? [CR1]

    I don't think astrophotography will be much fun in the future after Elon Musk ruins it with all of his Starlink satellites.
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    Thoughts on the Canon EOS R roadmap

    OK, a $1,500 APS-C body with $3,000 lenses doesn't light my fire. Faced with buying all new lenses for the Canon mirrorless, it doesn't really matter which system I buy into. I'm mid way into a transition to a Sony system. I currently have a Canon 1D X and 5D4, with about 10 Canon lenses, and...
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    Sigma to announce 5 new lenses shortly, including a new 70-200mm f/2.8 OS Sport & 60-600mm f/4.5-6.3 OS Sport

    Or even better, a 200-600mm F5.6... I don't see the point to a wide range zoom like the 60-600mm lens, when most people buy them for the long end tele needs. Too many optical and operational compromises to be useful (at least to me). I rarely use my 150-600mm C lens below 300mm. I would...
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    Here Are Some Claimed Specifications For One of the Prototype Canon Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras [C

    Re: Here Are Some Claimed Specifications For One of the Prototype Canon Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Not bad for a 5-yr old mirrorless design... I'll probably get one for my grandkids. Enough sarcasm. I sure hope Canon can do better than this. Take a look at Sony's recent A7 and A9 bodies to...
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    PowerShot SX60 HS Replacement Finally Coming? [CR1]

    Why is Canon wasting time on products like this? I'm sure the majority of prospective purchasers would be more than satisfied with the current crop of cell phone cameras. I'd like to see Canon develop a top tier FF mirrorless camera or a high megapixel MF mirrorless camera, rather than...
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    House being gassed for termites -- any impact to cameras, lenses, etc.?

    OK, be careful. The most common fumigant is sulfuryl fluoride, which is toxic, as you might expect, and people have died by moving back in too quickly to an improperly ventilated house. SO2F2 is relatively stable chemically, but it will slowly hydrolyze to liberate sulfuric acid and hydrogen...
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    Portable Battery charge for 1Dx

    No transformers. Pretty much a standard AC to DC power adapter (aka "wall wart").
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    Portable Battery charge for 1Dx

    Same problem, the OEM charger is too chunky for travel. I have one of these, and it works just fine. But note, the external power adapter...
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    Patent: Canon Getting Into the Drone Market?

    I don't see anything new or unique here to merit a patent. This technology has been around for 30 years and is already in commercial products. Looks like a failure of the patent examination system to weed out existing and/or obvious applications. Let's move on folks, noting to see here.
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    A7r for only 199$!!! The real deal!

    Same here and they charged my CC. "Hi David, You’ve got great taste! We're writing to confirm your recent order. Be on the lookout for future Status Update emails to come."
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    A7r for only 199$!!! The real deal!

    Although I'm a dedicated Canon shooter, I ordered two. I plan to use one for landscape work and sell the other to fund a lens purchase. If it doesn't work out, I'll sell the other body too. I've been meaning to give Sony a try for a while, but never did so, except for a RX100, which I really...
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    The Bride chose my images instead of the photographer, how much should I charge?

    Sounds familiar.... I did not like being placed "in competition" with a real professional who does weddings for a living, where for me it is a hobby. +1 I'm often asked to shoot family events, including weddings, but in most cases I decline to do so and gently tell the bride/groom they need...