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    AF issues with 600 and 400 MK III

    Based on another tech savvy photographer's suggestion- I did reset all functions in both cameras and now- both lenses work like a charm. All issues solved. But that brings up the million dollar question- what setting caused the fault and will it come back when I reload my settings? I guess I...
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    AF issues with 600 and 400 MK III

    . In Atlanta Ethan. Thinking to return and exchange them. Just curious to hear if anybody else had the same issues
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    AF issues with 600 and 400 MK III

    Yes Ethanz, I did. Tried on a 5DMK IV and a 5DsR. Same result.
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    AF issues with 600 and 400 MK III

    Please tell me what am I doing wrong. I just upgraded from the MK II versions of these (600F4 and 400 F2.8) Both the lenses on 1DxMKII will not AF at all when changing focusing from a near to a far point. e.g. If I am focused at 20 ft-trying to focus at 200 ft or at infinity does not work-...
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    Canon thinks the camera market will drop by another 50% over the next two years

    I agree with you 200%. Could not say it better
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    Well, this sucks... Camera and Lens snapped at the mount

    It has happened to me. In India-in 2017- in a national park, I left the bag on a chair and somehow it fell. The 400 DO MK II snapped off from the camera body (1Dx MK II) taking the locking rings out from the camera. I was glad I had my backup 1Dx and the 100-400 MK II for my rescue! Sent it to...
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    Here are a few images of the upcoming Zeiss Otus 100mm f/1.4

    Really? I have all the Otus lenses and used the Sigma art series . They don't even compare when it comes to color, micro contrast and sharpness! !
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    Aurora Aperture announces development of filters for the Canon EF-to-RF adapters

    I, for one will be waiting to see those filter's quality as I think they will solve a lot of my problems with bulbous lens fronts and huge filters ! If there is a way that we can stack filters -like a polarizer with an ND, it will be excellent! I have never used their filters. Are they good?
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    A New Canon TS-E 17mm f/4L Tilt-Shift Lens Coming? [CR2]

    Great news! I have to full line up of these and loving them more every day! Last week I did some multishot panorama with the 50 mm T/S using some tilt and Lord! How sharp everything was from 3 ft to infinity!Contrast was superb!Great color. I just bought a 24 mm T/S (for the 2nd time) 3...
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    Canon, King in SLR Cameras, Makes Inroads Into Mirrorless

    The way I understand it... it is simple. Just the way canon captured the SLR/dSLR market , they are going to go full throttle to be the market leader in MILC. Next few years, we will see a lot of new, exciting releases from Canon in this segment to solidify there major market share and then...
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    Canon EF 135mm f/2L IS USM Coming First Half of 2018 [CR1]

    I have compared the following 4 lenses in identical settings in one session. 1) Canon 135 F2 2) sigma Art 135 F1.8 3) Canon 70-200 F 2.8L MK II 4) Zeiss Milvus 135 F2 In my opinion- Zeiss is first and far ahead. Nothing comes closer. Sigma and Canon are close second. Sigma may be a tad better...
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    Review: Sigma 14mm f/1.8 DG HSM Art

    I compared it to the Zeiss 15 mm Milvus for daytime landscape photography at various apertures . While the Sigma is very good, I find the color, contrast and peripheral sharpness are better with the Zeiss. Not by a big margin though! I must tell you that I have actually cancelled a return...
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    Sadly, the 6dm2 and 5div to be obsolete shortly

    deadwrong, I did not read all the posts but I did your original one. Your name said it all- why elaborate! Dholai
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    Manual Focus Micro Adjustment

    I have the exact same issue that Al described. The latest 135 mm Milvus gave me this headache recently! While it is a phenomenal lens with unbelievable image quality, to me, it seemed like it is front focusing! My eyesight is not great and I was depending on the focus confirmation beep with the...
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    Switzerland-Confused about gear choice

    Thank everybody. These are valuable inputs. Neuro: Thank a lot for suggesting the 17 mm T/S- I actually have one. Will definitely take it. BTW- that evening shot of the building was excellent and the pictures on that link-waw! I cant even express myself! I wish I can do a fraction of it! 5DIV...