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    Dorothea Lange Pencils

    If you use pencils, this may be interesting... Box of 12 Palomino Blackwing 344 Pencils, "Volumes" Limited Edition Limited Edition inspired by American Photographer and Photo Journalist Dorothea Lange" The Blackwing 344 celebrates the 80th anniversary of the historic photo "Migrant Mother"...

    Fuji thoughts

    . Free at last, free at last. Got my X-Pro2 yesterday, the camera I've been waiting a year for. There is nothing the Canon 5D3 can do for me that this new Fuji cannot match or equal. AF is fast and accurate. The Fuji glass is easily the equivalent or better than Canon. I think the Fuji 56mm is...

    Fujifilm Announces New Flagship X-Pro2 Camera

    Take it from me, that's how it begins. Next thing you notice your Canon hasn't been out in a while. Before long you're eyeing additional Fujinon lenses. And the Canon seems to have some dust on it. Then you start feeling guilty having all this good Canon stuff just sitting there. Take it from...

    Photography And Your People

    . Others will have different opinions. My opinion... This is none of your business.

    My Fear of People Photography

    . You may not like this, but the only thing in this thread worth a damn is what unfocused had to say. Portrait work is about connecting with people. If you can do that, you can do portraits. If you don't like people or aren't interested in them, give it up before you even try. Peter Hurley is...

    What Do You Want to See in the EOS M System?

    . Easy... They subcontract the whole deal out to Staples. They'll produce a one-button camera, and every time you push the button it takes the picture and says, "That was easy."

    Anyone getting a drone for Christmas?

    . I am irresistibly drawn to the POV, and I want those images. Since I can't fly (or even pole vault) I can't imagine any other way to get such images. However... Like the early days of aviation, drones are fraught with problems, even misery. They are fragile. Like all aircraft, they have to...

    What stuff did you buy/sell in 2015?

    . Sold: Canon Bought: Fujifilm, Nikon

    Getting The Shot Vs Ethical Behaviour

    . Well, Albert Schweitzer, the second coming -- and right here at CR. So, tell me about John Audubon, please. Most of his magnificent bird pictures were done from dead birds, most of which he shot, then posed using string and sticks to look lifelike back in his studio. He used his own personal...

    And We Wait for the Sleeping Giant...

    . I think the "we" part is questionable, and tenuous at best. Given the state of this marketplace, there can't be more than a few buyers for such a "giant." A far too wealthy and vainglorious few I suspect.

    Photographic Fraud

    . But what do his pictures look like??

    Need help deciding what to sell

    . I'd think long and hard about selling off such a collection. You will work a long time to get back to that position relative to equipment. But, if you're selling everything and want to cover a 24-70 range, I'd simply go with this...

    Science of Sensors

    . While this talks about video sensors, it's the best science explanation I've seen of how camera sensors detect, record and transform light into image files...

    Review 2015 "Dumping Canon & Nikon"

    Your little fantasies are quite entertaining. But I watched the video (twice, to be sure) and saw no one offer anything approaching "anecdotal evidence" of anything. What I see is an interesting comment from someone in a camera retailing operation that operates nationally. He had not previously...

    Review 2015 "Dumping Canon & Nikon"

    These are not hearsay reports. These folks run a large retail camera store. When they say people are bringing in equipment and selling it, they're reporting business fact. Also, I'm not aware of any reports published on used equipment sales/trades.