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    Patent: Eye-controlled autofocus for mirrorless cameras

    I'm curious about that as well.
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    Here are SIGMA’s three new full-frame mirrorless camera lenses

    I think it's a good thing. Coming from someone whose been using the Control Ring (CR) adaptor, I would be bummed to loose the ability to control part of the Exposure Triangle on the lens barrel. I currently have the CR set to control the ISO, but I could easily get used to mapping it to the rear...
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    Is SIGMA getting ready to announce their first RF mount lenses? [CR1]

    My guess is their lenses won't have a Control Ring. Is that a fair assumption? Still, I'm a Sigma fan - currently own the 35 and 50 Art lens paired with the R. I would love to own Canon's RF L lenses but good Lord do you need some deep pockets! Sigma RF mount glass would be a nice compromise...
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    Canon RF 85mm f/1.2L USM coming May 9, 2019

    The official U.S. price for this lens will be $2,699.00. Cheers!
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    A few more images of the Canon RF 85mm f/1.2L USM leak out ahead of this week’s announcement

    The official U.S. price for this will be $2,699.00. Cheers!
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    Firmware: Canon EOS R v1.2.0 available for download

    Yes, the Eye-AF appears to be locking on at same distance in Servo as it does with One-shot (aka non-Servo). It's not like Sony's where it locks onto the eye at extreme distances, which is pointless if you ask me. Could it be a little further, like 3/4? Yes. But I'll take it.
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    Firmware: Canon EOS R v1.2.0 available for download

    My short initial testing of the update is good. I'm in the US and without realizing I installed the Canada version. Does this matter? What are the implications?
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    Firmware: Canon EOS R v1.2.0 available for download

    I'm currently charging my battery for the update. I'm looking forward to this a lot!
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    Canon EOS R firmware version 1.2.0 announced

    That's a good question. I initially thought it was the spot AF as seen in the RP (and other higher-end DSLRs). But maybe you're right - maybe it's just the smaller AF that is found on non-servo. Crossing my fingers hoping that it's the former (RP's single point). But like you said, I too am...
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    Firmware: Canon EOS RP v.1.1.0

    As a software developer, I could see this being a really cool feature for developing apps for the camera. HTTP-based communication (i.e. REST API) is far more accessible than whatever proprietary thing they have currently.
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    Canon officially announces the development of 6 new RF mount lenses

    Man, that 70-200 looks amazing! It's so compact. I'm also real curious about the 85 DS - how much of a difference it is compared to the normal version. They're all great; who am I kidding!!
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    Canon releases firmware v1.1.0 for the EOS R and it’s disappointing

    As minimal of an update that it is, I'm happy to report the silent shooting in continuous works with face tracking BUT not with Eye-AF. Something is better than nothing, I suppose. FYI... I updated via SD card.
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    Patent: Possible soft focus EF to RF adapter

    Can someone explain to me what "soft focus" is? Is it really what it sounds? Instead of a tach sharp image, you have soft image... similar to Lens Baby?
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    The Canon EOS R will begin shipping to customers on October 9, 2018, if not sooner

    Yes, I discovered that turning off the hotshoe unit the exposure preview is enabled again. I suppose your workaround is viable. But slows workflow a little. I guess it's just something to learn and get used to with the mirrorless systems.
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    The Canon EOS R will begin shipping to customers on October 9, 2018, if not sooner

    I have noticed that whenever I mount something to the hotshoe, the exposure preview and meetering is off. My triggers and flashes are Godox. I've looked and I can't seem to find a setting for this. Anyone else experiencing this?