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    Nifty Fifty and/or a Pancake lens are coming to the RF mount in 2020 [CR3]

    I don’t believe ahsanford was particularly arguing for a “budget” 50mm as much as a compact alternative. I would happily pay $1k for a 50/1.4 with the size, weight and character of my old Sigma 50/1.4 Ex but the AF of a modern lens.
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    Nifty Fifty and/or a Pancake lens are coming to the RF mount in 2020 [CR3]

    Please let this second option be true!
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    Rumoured Canon EOS Rs Specifications [CR1]

    Bearings are optimised to minimise friction not heat transfer. I don't know what kind of bearings are used in IBIS systems, but in a theoretically perfect roller bearing (needle or ball type) the surface area in contact approaches zero. Bushings I have seen for low load applications often have a...
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    Rumoured Canon EOS Rs Specifications [CR1]

    The issue with IBIS and cooling is three-fold, and only the smallest part of the problem (heat generated by the IBIS actuators) is resolved by simply turning IBIS off. The two main issues that aren't resolved are related to thermal mass, and thermal path. Firstly, to optimise IBIS you need to...
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    SIGMA to address their RF mount plans in early 2020 [CR2]

    An RF version of their old 50/1.4 Ex is what I really want more than any other lens. Even if all they do is improve the focusing, slap on an RF mount and call it done. All the other modern 50/1.4 or wider options are simply too big and heavy to routinely make it into my bag.
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    Canon Patent: Potential cooling for a 1 series camera

    Peltier cooling would make so much more sense. Fan based cooling implies openings for ventilation with all the resultant implications for dust/dirt/moisture ingress. Even if it were implemented as sealed ducts, there's obvious potential for the ducts to be clogged by dust, and the bulk of the...
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    Canon’s EOS-1D X Mark II equivalent mirrorless is coming sooner than originally thought [CR1]

    Tilt affects the plane of focus, so of course AF is affected, but I'm not sure how AFMA comes into play, or why CDAF should be different from PDAF? Unless you're suggesting that AFMA can compensate for tilt?
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    Canon’s EOS-1D X Mark II equivalent mirrorless is coming sooner than originally thought [CR1]

    That only makes sense if the adapters contain optical elements, which these don't. Adapters do increase the chance of there being tilt between the optical axis of the lens and the sensor plane (due to slop in the interface), but the chance of this having any significance in the real world is...
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    Three new RF prime lenses coming in early 2020 [CR2]

    I strongly disagree. There are a bunch of people who use their camera for travel & outdoors, who simply won't buy into RF unless/until some more compact lenses become available, including consumer oriented glass like the 24-240. None of the people I know who have left EOS full-frame did so for...
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    Dynamic range comparison between the EOS RP, EOS 6D Mark II and EOS R

    Aye aye. The trend towards videos is so tedious.
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    Patent: Canon RF 100-400mm f/3.5-5.6L IS and more

    16-35 plus 50-250 would be a pretty tempting two lens kit for me, depending on how the relative IQ of the 24-240 pans out. My current travel kit with 6D is 16-35/4 plus Tamron 28-300. IQ of the Tamron is perhaps surprisingly OK, but still leaves me wanting more.
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    Lower end EOS R body to omit the touch bar

    Waiting for camera releases follows the same rule as diving - "Don't hold your breath"!
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    New diffractive optics super telephoto lenses on the way, with a new twist….. [CR1]

    All the evidence points to cheaper weddings leading to longer lasting marriages. The more you spend on lenses instead of your wedding, the more it proves you love her :)
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    Interview: Understanding the Canon EOS R

    Remind me, what are the equivalents to the new f1.2 and f2.0 RF lenses that have 5 stops of IS? I'm not a spec chasing fanboy (I'm still shooting an original 6D which suits my needs), but dismissing IBIS as a 'techno feature fancied by the blogosphere' is absurd. FACT - All else being equal, the...