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    Canon G3X Mark II

    I love my G3 X and it's my most frequently used camera apart from my phone. (And I have a 5D4 with full set of lenses, etc.) I'm eagerly looking forward to a new superzoom bridge offering from Canon, but I'm also not optimistic. An update to the Sony RX10 is likely in my future given this state...
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    Canon USA: Canon Professional Services

    I haven't watched the video, but when you try to sign up, even for silver level, the terms and conditions (dating from 2014) still say pro is required. :-( " Canon Professional Services Program Terms and Conditions: SILVER MEMBERSHIP - Updated as of January 18, 2014 1. Membership is available...
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    Another Mention of Big White Lens Revisions [CR1]

    Price (cost) reductions are what's needed on these lenses most of all!
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    Ended: DJI Phantom 3 4K Drone $599 (Reg $999)

    Re: Deal: DJI Phantom 3 4K Drone $599 (Reg $999) THANKS! ;D
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    Sachtler FSB-8T Fluid Head-has anybody use them for long telephoto

    I have one, bought from serious birder that was getting out of the hobby. He used a 600 or 800 on it. Bought it as "the best for such lenses, money no object". I got a decent deal, but have never managed the stretch to get a 600 to put on it. It's a decent bit of kit, but I can't vouch for its...
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    Memory Cards for Canon 5D mk3

    Good answers above. It's futile (and expensive) to try to future-proof card purchases. Just ride the technology wave of the higher-but-not-top end. Don't pay premiums for the very latest. Excepting currency/economy fluctuations, cards tend to be cheaper when you come to upgrade anyway. The 5D3...
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    Update on Lightroom 2015.2 / Lightroom 6.2 Release

    Used the new import dialog on LR CC tonight for the first time. UTTERLY CONFUSING!! :-(
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    Hummingbird in infrared

    Good to see you still experimenting, Joseph! I miss your macros, which inspired me to do things like For IR, probably the best "creature" shot I've got is But after...
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    Canon PowerShot G3 X Now Shipping

    Or $0 -- since I already have a bundled one that came with the M3 that I hardly use anyway. Nice! :-)
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    Had a chat with a Sony rep

    Not mine, but this photo is pretty clear on compressed RAW issues for one scenario that I care about, astro: I could believe this isn't an issue in general photography without such extreme contrast situations.
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    Another Premium PowerShot This Summer [CR1]

    I'm confused. Isn't the next thing obviously going to be the G17?
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    Canon Makes the PowerShot G3 X Official

    Haters gonna hate. This looks very good to me. I'm exactly in the market for a "top quality superzoom" to complement my other kit and replace an aging SX30 for stills-only. I never use EVF. I do use my Speedlites on my compacts (G-series). I do like the common user interfaces across Canon...
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    Relaunch of >500mm lenses?

    I don't mean to be sarcastic (there's too much of that here), but you say that and he's trying to throw doubt on his primary competitor's lenses?
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    OK, lets get down to the nitty gritty question everyone has with the Eos-M3....

    Op/Tech Cam Strap - QD for me! Inexpensive, simple, effective. The elastic neoprene style may not be for everyone. Previously I used a generic nylon weave non-elastic style wrist strap on my compact cams. I'm not sure which I prefer at this point. I like the quick release on the Op/Tech --...