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    The manual for the Canon EOS RP is now available for your reading pleasure

    Jared and many other youtubers just does not know how Canon cameras work. If you switch over to PAL you get 25 and 50 fps, see at 6:44
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    Canon Inc. full year 2018 financial results, and thoughts on the industry and future goals

    I work in electronics industry and I know that such middle volume high complexity manufacturing is expensive. I have also the same opinion, that Sony camera division must be not or barely profitable.
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    IBIS and 100mp coming to an EOS R camera? [CR2]

    Most L lenses look terrible on m43 with regular adapter (those without focal reducer lens aka speedbooster)
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    IBIS and 100mp coming to an EOS R camera? [CR2]

    Just my thoughts: For 100 megapixel FF sensor only some of the L lenses will provide acceptable sharpness. With the same pixel density we should get a 40 megapixel APSC sensor. I guess this makes no sense because most APSC lenses are not sharp enough even for 24 megapixels.