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    We want more EF-S lens

    They can but they don't want to. The reasons have been explained in this thread -- basically it doesn't play well with their overall strategy. What puzzles me about this thread is, why not just go ahead and buy what is available from manufacturers who have released a product that addresses your...
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    We want more EF-S lens

    Tokina has 16-50mm.
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    The latest mirrorless cameras - which one offers highest DR?

    dxo mark -> cameras -> camera sensor ratings. Click the "Dynamic range" tab. All the cameras on the list below (and several below them) beat the 5DIII on the dynamic range test. Anything that has a Sony sensor inside should perform pretty well here. The Sony models perform very well but if I...
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    Lens recomendation for infant passport photo

    I took a self-portrait for a passport photo recently with the 135. It worked fairly well given the guidelines (on how far the camera should be from the subject) -- they really want a telephoto shot. 50mm is too short. The 70-200mm is by far your best choice. It would be ideal to have three...
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    Olympus OMD EM5 or 6D

    I have a 5DII and a panasonic GF2. Both are great systems. The m43 cameras offer the most complete lens system of the mirrorless choices, and when you look at the weight you need to get comparable fields of view, m43 has a huge advantage. The Canon is my preferred system when I want shallow dof...
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    40D vs. 6D AF

    I haven't done exactly that upgrade. I have a 5DII I upgraded from an older rebel (the former is pretty similar to the 6D). The outer points are usable, but I usually go with the center and focus-recompose. Having more AF points and some more advanced features for AF tracking would be useful...
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    To buy M or not to buy M?

    It's the best Canon mirrorless, for sure. Outside of Canon, you can get mature Nth generation mirrorless cameras with touchscreens and all that, not to mention more complete lens systems for well under $400-. The only compelling advantage of the EOS-M is that you get AF with EF lenses. It is...
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    What exactly is a 100% crop?

    It really is quite confusing because of the issues that come up when you try to display the image on the web. The 100% crop itself just means some cropped of the image that is not rescaled in any way. So for a 4000x3000 original, a "100% crop" of the top left quarter of the image would be...
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    The Next EOS M? [CR1]

    The EOS-M is just dandy until you start comparing it with the competition. Canon's offering is too-little-too-late. Olympus and Panasonic have already spent years refining AF and developing a system of lenses. Canon comes into the market late with a me-too offering -- no innovation, weak lens...
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    The Next EOS M? [CR1]

    The Fuji came to the market with some decent (fast prime) lenses -- a normal fast prime (street shooters lens), a wide prime and a macro. No ho-hum consumer zooms. They also tapped into an unfilled niche that the mirrorles enthusiasts had wanted for quite a while -- a rangefinder styled MILC...
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    6D Autofocus not impressive

    Have you also tried the 5DIII ?
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    6D Autofocus not impressive

    Can you provide more details ? How were you using it ? Green box mode ?
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    Prime vs zoom

    I'm not a pro, so I am never under pressure to "get the shot". I also have plenty of access to my primary subjects. So it's primes all the way for me (35L/50mm f/1.4/siggy 85/135L and on a panasonic gf2 the 20mm f/1.7 and the 45mm f/1.8) Having said that I owned the 15-85mm EF-S lens and it...
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    Congratulations Canon to another great Camera release!!

    We'll just have to agree to disagree on this one. I think it's at least as easy to understand and useful to the Rebel user base as 2-axis white balance! Thought the question is not terribly relevant here, I did address it though maybe I didn't make myself clear enough. Yes, of course the...
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    5Dc a good option?

    For a given lens that's true, but that's a property of wide fov lenses, not full frame. To compare apples to apples, you need to compare equivalent focal lengths (same fov) and either optimal apertures on both bodies, or "equivalent apertures" (e.g. to take into account that you can stop down a...