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    Here’s the full list of gear Canon will announce on September 5

    Am i completely in a different perspective? I will buy a new body ONLY because the new 28-70 F2... I REALLY don't care about the body, if it will be between 6dmk2 and 5dmk4 sensor it will be good enough for me. The big news is the lens... it's an L lens... it's a zoom... and it's F2.0... And...
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    Here’s the full list of gear Canon will announce on September 5

    We need to be talking about 28-70 F2. This is a dream come true. I know it is not 24mm but still a f2 zoom lens (great range) L series. If the body has IBIS with, let's say 3 stop compensation, this will be the most used lens and more versatile. I will sell my L primes for this... and provably...
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    Hidden gems of Japan: Tokyo and beyond with the Canon EOS M50

    The video is nice. Equipment wise, I have the m50 (my wife actually) and I think the real strengh of the camera only comes with the adapter. 35L II and the m50 is a heavy'ish conjugation but is the nice 50mm in the canon ecosystem...
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    Which is the best B/w photography click?

    Yes it is cannon I have other photos in the same place. My classic Mercedes and a friends Alfa Romeo. Love the place...
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    Which is the best B/w photography click?

    My Karmann-Ghia at nigh...
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    EOS EF-M version of the EF 11-24?

    I think sigma is doing a 8mm-something zoom for EF-S system.
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    The Mess That is the Canon Full Frame Mirrorless Rumor Mill

    We have to love this ecosystem... Did you guys know that the m50 (i have bought one to my wife) have eye focus that works very nice? It is the absolutly main feature that will make me move to one ff mirrorless.
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    Time for a playful topic! What's in your two lens bag?

    SOOOO heavy. Im selling 70-200 II because it is not pratical carrying around. My Holy Trinity is: 5D mkIV, 35L II, spare batery... Add other lens? 85L 1.2 II, easy...
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    Canon Announces the EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS III and EF 70-200mm f/4L IS II

    well... it is almost impossible to improve the perfect lens... I think the weight is the main issue. (talking about 2.8 II/III). my mkII will endure 15+ years and survive 4 camera bodies...
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    A New EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS III Still a Possibility in 2018? [CR1]

    I will not upgrade! I will not upgrade! I will not upgrade! I will not upgrade!
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    Rokinon (Samyang) SP 14mm f/2.4 Review | Dustin

    What i will love to see is a comparison to a Irix 15 f2.4 and Irix 11 F4. I cant see any info about coma and astro in general in these two lens. Thank you for the review.