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    Live file backup through WiFi

    The 5d4 can do ftp from the onboard wifi as well. Not just jpg, raw too, you choose. One of my criteria for buying the 5d4 was whether or not the wifi was as $h!te as the lesser cameras. Thankfully it's not. Then again it also has two card slots as well :) Wifi on my 760D might as well not...
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    Glasses on or off?

    Good luck.. My prescription sunglasses are... polarised... and I wouldn't be taking them off either. You could be lucky and get an angle that doesn't make them totally black, but they're pretty dark anyway. Folks like us who wear them permanently ain't going to take them off, although I'd...
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    AI Servo AF not reliable in 5D4

    The manual tells you how, but relatively easy to do in the button config menu. You can only do it with certain buttons though. Two ways to set the button up, either it toggles the mode every time you press it, or hold it down for AI servo when you're in one-shot, release and you go back...
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    Do You Use Third Party Batteries in Your Canon Cameras?

    I have a Hahnel HLX-E6N, main attraction was that real LP-E6N's were simply unavailable at the time. Yes it was slightly cheaper than the Canon, it's also theoretically 2000mAh rather than 1800mAh. In practise I don't find it any better or worse than the genuine Canon battery. It's been used...
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    Your best animal shots!

    a couple more red squirrels
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    Show your Bird Portraits

    and a couple more from July
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    Show your Bird Portraits

    did someone say mallards? this pair paid us a few visits back in early April, not quite sure why as there's no water other than the rain..
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    Official release of Nikon D850

    You said it's $200 less than the 5D4, I pointed out that it's £150 more than the 5D4 - hence nonesense.. I agree that a difference like that isn't sufficient to be of concern to the sort of people who buy cameras like these
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    Official release of Nikon D850

    If you thought that was good, you're going to love the next evolution. NVMe (in CFexpress) has the potential to be orders of magnitude faster. It's available today in m.2 format for PC's and just needs a better/more robust form-factor suitable for a camera. All of the existing card types will...
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    Official release of Nikon D850

    That's a bit too narrow a viewpoint, original CF is still around largely due to industrial uses rather than cameras and that means it's going to take quite some time to finally die off. SD has a set of industrial users too, but is likely largely smartphone users keeping it going. CFast and XQD...
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    Official release of Nikon D850

    How does it work out if you don't already have a 1DX2 ? Looking at the D850, the cumulative cost of grip plus D5's battery plus a charger is going to hurt. Different if you already have a D5, but if you do then you may not care about getting the D850 up to 9fps? As for the CFast slot, I'd...
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    Official release of Nikon D850

    depends on where in the world you are - usual nonesense. Here in the UK, the D850 is up for preorders at £3499 at main dealers. 5D4 was £3599 at launch a year ago, now £3349. Guess things will be worse if you're buying it in euros.
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    Exif editing help please.

    goes without saying, try this on a COPY of your files in a completely seperate directory to ensure you don't lose anything.. I start out with a directory structure like this: /test /test/src /test/dst copy a .CR2 file that has the lens data you want to copy across into /test/src copy all of...
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    TDP Canon EOS Rebel SL2 / 200D Noise Test Results

    On my 5d4 it appears to be a UI related thing, it's too busy mucking about with flashing the shutter count icons etc.. Regardless of the review time there seems to be a 1-2 second delay before the Q and touch shutter icons return when you use the touch shutter. Also if the drive mode is set...
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    How important are the caveats relative to new camera specs?

    My Rebel has 95% viewfinder coverage... I certainly never found it to be a problem on the scale you'd think it is if you believe some of the arguments you read about it :)