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    Canon EOS-1D X Mark III Summary

    If you can handhold 1DX2s with the 400mm II, then the 600 III shouldn't be a problem, given that the 600 III is 800g (1.75 pounds) lighter than the 400 II, and the center of gravity is probably further back than the 400 II as well.
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    Canon EOS-1D X Mark III Summary

    Hold on, I might be misunderstanding what the DSMC2 "Brain" does vs the sensor box, but how can the Monstro 8K VV or the Helium 8K S35 do 8Kp60 (8192 x 4320 x 60 = 2.12 Gpixels/second -- even at 8bit RAW that is 2.12 GBytes/second), much more than 300 MBytes/second. The 1DX Mark III will do...
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    Canon EOS-1D X Mark III Summary

    Perhaps in practice they are not seeing enough cropping issues to override other concerns or wishes they want (lower noise, higher DR, etc...)? Or Canon cheaped out and reheated the 1DX2 sensor to save some coin. We'll know soon enough.
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    Canon EOS-1D X Mark III Summary

    I would bet that most Canon Rumors readers are not in the target market for this camera. Reuters, AP, AFP, SI, etc... probably told Canon that 20mpx is plenty -- and those organizations are buying thousands of cameras. 20 megapixels is enough to fill a double spread in Sports Illustrated at 300...
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    Canon EOS-1D X Mark III Summary

    The cameras that can do what you specify are things like the RED Monstros 8Ks, and those run $80k. Unrealistic for Canon, Sony, or anyone else to put that in a camera that has to cost at most $6 or 7k. Beyond that, those 8K systems also require active cooling with fans and openings. I don't...
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    5.9K RAW video recording still a possibility for the EOS-1D X Mark III

    Precisely. The only point in recent memory where I remember pro sports photographers switching in large numbers is when the 1D Mark III had major autofocus issues due to submirror misalignment back in 2007.
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    Canon is gearing up for a big 2020 [CR2]

    I would be surprised if the really large news organizations which purchase thousands of 1D cameras don't already have access to prototypes for testing in the field. After all, Canon wants to avoid another 1D Mark III AF fiasco.
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    5DIV price confirmed

    Sales tax included in EUR pricing but not for USD pricing. USD 3500 => 3107 EUR. Add the 19% VAT for Germany and you get 3697 EUR, right in line with the 3700 EUR rumors.
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    More Specifications & Images of EOS 5D Mark IV

    In Lytro founder Ren Ng's 2005 paper [1] (specifically Section 3), the hardware they describe is basically having a bunch of photosites behind of each microlens instead of one photosite per microlens like you have in a normal camera. The prototype they built had 144 photosites (12x12) behind...
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    More Specifications & Images of EOS 5D Mark IV

    Numbers are probably wrong, that resolution is not a 3:2 ratio.
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    More Specifications & Images of EOS 5D Mark IV

    The dual pixel RAW file now seems a lot more interesting, especially if it allows me to achieve critical focus by AF microadjusting the image after the fact!
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    More Specifications & Images of EOS 5D Mark IV

    Some more information on the dual-pixel RAW format from Digicame-Info:
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    Confirmation of Upcoming Product Announcements

    True, but we are talking about a $2000 MSRP lens that is fairly specialist here. I am guessing the people who need/want it will jump on it even if Canon just puts it on its online store one day with no announcement whatsoever.
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    *UPDATED* Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Specifications & Image

    Re: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Specifications and Image The image right now is a placeholder/mockup. CR Admin says that he had to take the original leaked image down temporarily.
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    Updated Canon 2016 Roadmap

    The A9 has been rumored to be in the works for a long time, but I don't think Sony will bother introduce such a camera at a $4k+ price point. Not a lot of amateur hobbyists will spend nearly $5k for a camera. Meanwhile, photojournalists and other users of 1D/D5-class cameras are not going to...