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    Help getting started with Studio Lights

    Here is an excellent guide provided by Elinchrom:
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    Anything shot with a 5D4

    My wife's interpretation of Tchaîkovsky's Dance of the little swans with some of her Madame Alexander Cissys collection 5D4 24-105
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    Show your Bird Portraits

    Great shot Click, she is waving us goodbye...
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    Thank you Click and Valvebounce fot your kind comments.
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    Show your Bird Portraits

    A joyous glutton
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    Same area
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    Same area
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    Rural Eastern Ontario
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    Home Studio

    I use 3 Elinchrom heads (2x500 and 1x250 BRX) and Savage paper for the background with a marked preference for their "Fashion grey" color in their 2 most common width ( 53" and 105"). As noted above, a flash meter is essential to get the best possible results. What I found most useful was to...
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    Are there any companies that print from Canon Raw files

    When I wish to have large prints, or our calendars, I forward my data to Apple/Mac and they do a splendid job from 8x10 to 20x30. Needless to say we are equipped with 27" iMacs.
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    Finally, Apple's Sierra 10.12.2 has un update for Photos!

    And takes care of 5DIV Raw format. What a pleasant surprise, just on time for Xmas. Cheers!
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    Opinions: bellows for M39/M42 lenses with 5D? good bad ugly?

    Have you tried to look up Fotodiox lens adapters? and/or eventually tried to look up Leica adapters route from M39 to Leica M to Leica R to Canon EOS 5d? I have used use Leica R bellows with EOS adapters to copy old Kodachrome slides on a 5D with reasonable success. Good luck.
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    Ridiculous that Canon still has not released OSX Sierra compatible EOS software

    The problem is Apple's Sierra, not Canon's and also occurs with Leica M especially when you wish use RAW images in "Photos". You then have 2 possibilities : either use JPEG in the camera, or if you are still using RAW, try the "modify" icon (right upper corner on your Mac screen), and the image...
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    New Firmware Coming Shortly for EOS 5D Mark IV? [CR1]

    I find that my iMac does not accept RAW images from the 5DIV I got some days ago. It accepts any JPEG but all Raw get the grey warning sign treatment. However If I store a string of RAW images, the iMac accepts them in its 'slide show" operation, and they are gorgeous. But if I want to modify...