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    Question for landscapers

    the best landscape photography is not documentary, it is expressionist. you want the photos to express the feeling of the place, not the exact appearance. therefore, a 16-35 and a 70-200 is an ideal combo, because both perspectives can exaggerate the parts of the frame that are important while...
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    Dunning Kruger Effect: Why Insecure People Can’t Take Good Photos

    it is obviously not possible to break any art form down into some ultimately objective 'score' based on some well defined and well known scoring system, but that doesn't mean that all art is created equal. some art really sucks. some art is mediocre and forgettable. some art is good. some...
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    Dunning Kruger Effect: Why Insecure People Can’t Take Good Photos

    this is exactly the kind of thing that a person who couldn't tell the difference between good composition and bad would say; in other words, someone exhibiting dunning/kruger.
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    Large umbrella durability.

    late to the party, but as others have implied, a larger diameter hollow tube is stronger than a smaller diameter solid bar, of the same mass, because leverage. not sure what diameter tube you have, or how big your clamps are, but an over tube would definitely be more helpful than an inner bar...
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    Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L IS II Confirmed

    anyone care to speculate on whether this version will jump from 67mm filters to 72mm?
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    Another Canon EF 135mm f/2L IS USM Mention [CR2]

    Let me google that for you... This is from Canon themselves: "As conventional glass lens combinations are unable to correct chromatic aberration, this is usually done using special lenses with different refractive indices, such as fluorite...
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    Another Canon EF 135mm f/2L IS USM Mention [CR2]

    As everybody tells you every time you ask this about every new lens, no, BR is only useful for wide angle lenses.
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    RAW white balance

    indeed, but doing so takes time/effort to set up correctly.
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    Canon 85mm f1.4L IS USM First Impressions and images...

    looking at these images i am very conflicted. there is a lot to like about this lens, including the price, but the bokeh clipping looks really horrendous to me. i don't mind the cat's eye bokeh balls so much, because there is actually some creative potential there, but the nervousness it...
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    RAW white balance

    imo outdoors is easy. sunny, chose daylight, not sunny, choose shade. done. indoors is where it gets complicated, because your flash is almost never the same temp as the ambient lighting, and this is not something you can correct in post.
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    Canon EF 135mm f/2L IS USM Coming First Half of 2018 [CR1]

    a thread about a telephoto L derailing into an argument about wide angle mid-range lenses? seems legit.
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    Landscapde filters and systems

    for that bright red rocks against deep blue sky look you'll want a CPL
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    How do you focus at off-center targets when shooting at f/1.2?

    recompose is never going to work, not only because of the narrow dof, but also because of RSAs. i use the off-center focus points, just remember that if you are using a non-cross type focus point, to try to align it to a high contrast line that is perpendicular to the focus point.
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    An EF 135mm Image Stabilized Lens Coming Next Year? [CR1]

    refresh button, prepare to be worn out...