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    Potential Canon EOS R Mark II specifications [CR1]

    I'm not sure Canon "caved in" to SD-card purists. I think they just kept the status quo. I think most photographers want the dual slots primarily for redundancy/backup, nothing more. I own a 5DM3 and I never have it set to anything other that dual writes. It irks me to the Nth-degree when...
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    Potential Canon EOS R Mark II specifications [CR1]

    I know SD cards are a dime a dozen, but I want dual card slots of the SAME configuration. In this case, dual CFExpress slots would be preferred. SD Cards just don't have the bandwidth to handle high-megapixel, fast-shooting events. It's my hope that Canon's "pro" R bodies will incorporate...
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    Patent: Large LCD equipped mirrorless camera

    Sorry. Not for me. Cost or not, I prefer the tactile, physical buttons and have zero desire to take my eye off the scene to look at the back of a camera to find a function. This reminds me of an article not too long about about an order to remove all the touch-screen interfaces on the U.S...
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    Adobe hits $11 billion in annual revenue, a new company record

    Photoshop runs fine for the most part on my 2012 5K iMac. However when I fire up Lightroom and begin editing photos from my Canon 5DM3, particularly when there are a lot of edits, the fans kick in on full speed, and the dreaded beach-ball begins to show up. My iMac is a quad-i7, has 64GB of...
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    Adobe hits $11 billion in annual revenue, a new company record

    I don't have a problem with a company that makes a good profit from a good product. Lately I've been disappointed with Adobe's quality. Their software is just so buggy and inefficient that sometime I dread working on certain kinds of photos because the more edits a photo has, the worse the...
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    Canon EOS R “One YEAR Later” REVIEW…does it hold up?

    A fair video. I too am one of those Canon enthusiasts waiting to see what Canon does for us 5D & 1D users. The wait is becoming a little long, but I too believe that 2020 is the year Canon comes out of the barn with guns blazing. For the time being, my 5DM3 continues to function normally and...
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    Patent: Here is Canon’s IBIS unit

    Are you being serious? Just about every component in every camera is covered by some kind of patent. What are you even talking about?
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    Canon’s New DP-V3120 4K Reference Display Delivers Unprecedented HDR Capabilities

    I find it hilarious that people are defending $40K for a monitor, and shrugging off Apple’s 6K monitor which is clearly meant to compete in this space. And of course, still focusing on the $999 stand. It just goes to show the hatred for anything Apple, even when true value stares them right in...
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    Industry News: Sony Introduces the High-resolution A7R IV with World’s First 61.0 MP Back-illuminated, Full-frame Image Sensor

    The only thing having me wait for whatever "pro" body Canon has in store are the stellar RF lenses and the superior ergonomics. Sony is definitely giving Canon a gut-punch with this new camera, so I hope Canon gets something in consumers hands quickly. That being said, I will continue to...
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    SIGMA announces the “SIGMA fp”, the world’s smallest and lightest mirrorless digital camera* with a full-frame image sensor

    People seem to be forgetting that it’s no longer “pocketable” once you have a lens on it.
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    Ended: Canon EOS 5DS R Body $1704 (Reg $3699)

    It's tempting. I do underwater photography and it's the underwater housings that are crazy expensive. The 5DS will fit the housing currently used for my 5DM3. Nonetheless, I myself am waiting to see what Canon does with a pro-body R camera system. I've decided my next camera will be a...
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    Canon increased its global market share of still cameras in 2018

    Im curious who the market leader is by revenue.
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    Unreleased Canon Cinema EOS camera used for 8K capture at WWDC

    This monitor is not your everyday monitor purchased in a computer store. This is a reference-level monitor that competes with monitors that cost at least $18,000 and beyond. So in reality, this monitor is a bargain in the industry. Funny that we don't hear from people complaining about the...
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    Canon officially announces the RF 85mm f/1.2L USM

    This lens isn’t for you. Step aside for those that feel this lens is a worthy addition. I for one will consider it when a pro R body is introduced.
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    Review: Datacolor SpyderX Elite Monitor Calibration Tool

    Monitors do go dim over time. It's not much, but enough to affect the color temperature and hence, your photos. The room I do my photography work in has one small window which I keep the drapes closed most of the time and one single ceiling lamp that is not reflected anywhere on the monitor...