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    Canon officially announces the Canon EOS R system

    Interesting features, especially the control ring on the lens and the touch panel on the back of the body have the potential to change how we use our cameras - I suspect Canon have no fixed long term plan with EF-M, RF or EF mounts right now, it will depend on how the market takes it, each mount...
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    Patent: Soft Focus Lens Designs, Various Focal Lengths

    Thinking... Cheapo non IS 35mm f1.8 in a similar vein to the 50mm f1.8 Hopefully 58mm f1.4 IS in a similar vein to the 35mm f2.0 IS 105mm ! Hmmm, patent filler ? Or replacement for 100mm non L or maybe a macro ???
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    Will it be the EOS M1? [CR2]

    I'd expect a company like Canon - i.e. Successful, Investing and Profit Focused to have a series of developments in process, including perhaps the following; - Fixed fast prime lens FF - Fixed zoom lens FF - APS-H in a EF-M mount - FF in a EF mount - APS-C in a even higher end EF-M mount Then...
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    M6 Shipping Tomorrow?

    Had my M6 a few weeks now, used it a fair bit this last week on holiday in Majorca, a definite thumbs up from me in terms of usability, access of regular functions, handling, power use, the AF is excellent in use and in chrome, it looks damn fine especially with the 22mm prime fitted. Like some...
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    M6 Shipping Tomorrow?

    Mines arrived a few days ago, loving the step up from the EOS-M I also have, keeping that as a work camera. The dials really make the user handling so much easier, not used the camera hard yet, just been playing around taking photos at home, but a clear step up. Thumbs up from me
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    M6 carrying options / suggestions

    My M6 arrived a few days ago, along with the kit 18-150 and a 11-22.. had a rethink on my bags, ended up mounting the 18-55 on my EOS-M for work use, got a small £25 crumpler bag, snug fit. I also picked up a Think Tank Retrospective 5 - the EOS-M6, fitted with the 22 fits nicely in the first...
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    Canon EF 85mm f/1.4L IS USM on the Way [CR3]

    The real news here is the IS at f1.4 ! I'd imagine this to be in additional to the f1.2, which will be retained. This will hopefully open the prospect of a 50mm f1.4 IS and hopefully for my price range a cheaper slower IS 50mm and 85mm lens in the form of the 35mm f2 IS
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    Which Canon lens is most in need of updating.

    I'd expect the 70-300L to be a huge seller, thus prime for getting mods to keep it attractive and importantly maximise the profit margin, thus why in my list. Slip of the f stop 200mm f2.0 not 2.8 ;-) It's kinda old now by big white prime standards 800mm - fully expect a DO version next
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    Which Canon lens is most in need of updating.

    Ones I want... 50mm f1.4 IS USM 85mm f1.8 IS USM 200-500mm f5.6 IS - preferably to work with extenders Ones I'd expect upgraded next 70-300mm L - preferably to work with extenders 200mm f2.8 300mm f2.8 400mm f2.8 800mm f5.6
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    70-300 IS USM vs 70-200 F/4L

    The original 70-300 IS USM is a pretty good lens, but looses out beyond 200mm.... I had one, but upgraded to the 70-300L - I'd suggest that if you are looking for a visible step up, you really need to go beyond the 70-200mm F4 What are you looking to achieve ?
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    A Canon Supertelephoto Zoom Lens Coming with EOS 6D Mark II? [CR1]

    Could this actually be something like a 150-450mm with f5.6 at the long end, with a built in flip extender that takes the f5.6 beyond the barrier to a higher f stop when in use ? That could come with an 82mm front element.
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    Canon medium format...

    Why not ? Because Canon would be asking Hasselblad money for it !
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    Fuji announces medium format mirrorless range

    Well below $10k means in the $8-9k region to me...
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    Fuji announces medium format mirrorless range

    Fresh off the press... G Mount 43.8 x 32.9mm CMOS 1.7x larger than 25mm 51.4MP 8256×6192 4:3 Multi Aspect 3:2/16:9/65:24/5:4/7:6/1:1 Mirrorless Flange back 26.7mm Focal Plane Shutter up to 1/4000th Like an X-T2 Viewfinder is detachable and can be rotated up to look...
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    Is This The Canon EOS M5 Pricing? [CR1]

    UK Prices just in - from Jessops £1049 - M5 Body only £1149 - M5 + 15-45mm £1399 - M5 + 18-150mm £429 - 18-150mm only £499 - 70-300 MkII That's a, me sticking with my M1 and b, wow, look at that post Brexit exchange rates !