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    Wedding Website

    Its looking good, I wish you may add about section as well here.
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    which canon camera offers double exposure?

    Here are some models which are offering double exposure effect, you can give a try - 1) Canon 1Dx 2) Canon 5d Mk III 3) Canon 6d 4) Canon 70d
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    Boom stand

    I dont have much experience on it but still I got some good sort of boom stand here , hope it helps you a bit in deciding the better boom stand.
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    Yellowstone in Winter

    You have taken these shots from rare places! Good job and very good photography.
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    Frost on the window

    Its a beautiful painting. Which platform have you used for this? Looking forward to see more of your works here :)
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    POLL: What picture styles do you use?

    I always liked, liking and will like the standard form of photography whatever the scene is!
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    simple before and after architecture photo

    Good job done. Its looking quite natural after adding the sky section here. Also the color adjustment looking natural here.
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    Other postprocessing forums, anyone?

    I guess you will get the best answers from the adobe photoshop forum regarding any kind of post processing task. Also people in this forum are helpful and expert enough to help you out.Good luck.
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    Best way of setting up the lighting

    I am asking for a common question but I truly need the exact answers from the experience photographers. What is the best way to set lighting up for portraits and table-top product shots?
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    Why isn't there a magic wand in Lightroom?

    Though there is no magic wand tool in light-room but in other way the same thing can be possible to execute.
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    My HP Laptop getting too hot!

    Hello Guys, I having a very strange problem suddenly. My laptop is getting too hot and then it get shutdown. Have anyone faced this problem. Please help me out!
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    This image may have been photoshopped

    Of course that image is photoshopped but still very much good job done. Amazing editing and very sharp finishing.
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    How to start using Photoshop

    This is a very basic question but the answer is huge. Many people told you many things and give you lots of information on this but I will tell you try yourself with trial and error method. Get get help from online resources and continue practice. Thats it.
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    I got the resource of doing this noise removing and sharpening in manual way. Hope it will be help for you -
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    Two weeks in Namibia!

    Stunning shot and a beautiful place that should be visit at least once!