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    Dynamic range comparison between the EOS RP, EOS 6D Mark II and EOS R

    I have the 6D, 6D MKII, 5DS & the EOS R. These kinds of tests are frankly stupid. As Jared said "get your exposure correct, sure there are times that the dynamic range is tested between the brightest part and the darkest part of a scene but if your working within your histogram 99% of the time...
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    Canon officially announces the development of 6 new RF mount lenses

    The strange omission is a more budget standard zoom to go with the EOS RP. US camera dealers & UK show the option of purchasing with the EF24-70mm f4L IS USM or the EF24-105mm budget zoom. Having two zooms with similar focal lengths in the RF24-70mm f2.8L IS USM & the RF28-70mm f2L USM at the...
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    Canon, Canon Canon….. Please help the video stars

    Market segmentation pure & simple. Don't like the video spec. buy a video camera.
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    Canon confirms 8K capable EOS R camera in development

    Oversampling will provide cleaner & better colour gamut on 8K resized to 4K just as its doing in Cinema cameras today.
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    Photokina 2019 scheduled for May has been cancelled, show to return annually May 2020

    The Photography Show in the UK is well attended in March every year. What saved the show was allowing retailers to sell both new and S/H equipment many with trade show discounts from the likes on Canon, Nikon, Sony etc. We exhibit at both The Photography Show and Photokina and by comparison...
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    Full frame mirrorless market share: Canon already has 22% of the market in Japan

    Treyamon has a point. I would be interested in units sold not % as the market may have grown for mirrorless at the expense of DSLRs or high end compacts.
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    At least two new EOS M cameras coming in 2019 [CR2]

    Most EOS M purchasers are new to Canon and most get no further than the bundled standard zoom lens. They are normally looking for something better than their cell phone but still only view the images either on cell phones or tablets. EOS R purchasers are more likely to be either existing Canon...
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    Flagship EOS R camera coming in February ahead of CP+? [CR1]

    I don't know what bottle you drink from but your assessment of Apple & Canon is pure fantasy. Where does the synergy come from? Canon as well as making photographic equipment make office & domestic printers, photographic printers, machines for making CMOS sensors and security products...
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    Flagship EOS R camera coming in February ahead of CP+? [CR1]

    I could get super technical but I wont. It was a "technician", point one. The weak spot in using the 5DS has been lenses, not the camera, point two. If the lenses don't have the resolving power or have inherent aberations they are not going to give you the full benefits of a 50MP sensor. At what...
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    Canon EOS R vs 5D Mark IV - Pros & Cons

    Utter non-sense. When you have seen the RF lenses up close and personal as well as the newer EF lenses, when you have seen Sony cameras sitting on shelves while 5D MKIVs go out on rental then your understand Canon is a business. A business needs to make money so it can innovate, to defend...
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    Canon EOS R vs 5D Mark IV - Pros & Cons

    This is a dying subject. The new Sony one piece SD cards are the future (not breakdown prone CFast). 32, 64 & 128GD, 300mb/s read, 299 mb/s write V90 SDXC II. Can be dropped up 5 metres without failure! Never had a single SD card failure, cannot say the same for CF & CFast.
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    Canon EOS R vs 5D Mark IV - Pros & Cons

    Trust me it focuses fast
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    Canon EOS R vs 5D Mark IV - Pros & Cons

    Comparable to the 6D MKII for weather sealing. My 6D MKII was soaked on my last trip out on Dartmoor, wiped it dry with a towel back at my car and its been perfectly fine.
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    Flagship EOS R camera coming in February ahead of CP+? [CR1]

    Canon technician at Photokina told me that the EOS R with either the RF 50mm f1.2L or the RF 28-70mm f2L gave results similar to the 5DS. If that's the case and given that both Sony & Nikon have cameras in the 40+ MP range, an EOS R Pro camera to be the spiritual successor to the 5DS / 5DSr...