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    We’ve received the pricing for the new RF lenses

    That’s exactly what I plan on doing. I did a photography trip to England back in June and took an EOS R with only 3 lenses; EF 11-20/4L, RF 24-105/4L IS, and EF 100-400/4-5.6L IS II. I took the 11-24 mainly for Stonehenge since we had purchased a pass for entry before the general admission...
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    Poll: Are you going to be preordering the Canon EOS 90D or Canon EOS M6 Mark II?

    No argument there. I don’t get it. I currently shoot with the Canon EOS R and 5DM4. I also shoot with a Fuji GFX 50s. I’m no stranger to 25-30 lbs camera backpacks. Light for me is the EOS R with the RF 24-105 for less demanding work. I do have an interest in these cameras though because...
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    Poll: Are you going to be preordering the Canon EOS 90D or Canon EOS M6 Mark II?

    I’m not sure why you’d buy Canon if you aren’t buying into the system. Based on Amazon’s reviews (I mean DPReview’s reviews), why would you buy anything but a Sony?
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    Poll: Are you going to be preordering the Canon EOS 90D or Canon EOS M6 Mark II?

    I can’t figure out why anyone would buy an EOS M camera since Canon doesn’t provide a decent selection of lenses for the format. Adapting EF lenses to it results in a big lens with a very small camera attached; e.g. very poor ergonomics. The RF mount is clearly Canon’s future direction.
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    Canon will reclaim their full-frame megapixel crown [CR1]

    I am considering the new Sony and a Metabones EF adapter as a higher MP landscape option. I like my Canon R and would love a high MP body for the RF lenses but, with no announcement in sight, how long do you wait? Plus Canon usually “under-preforms” compared to the initial rumors. I will say...
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    Nikon Cancels Their Unreleased Line of High End Compacts

    With the 7Plus, Apple does (sort of). They included two 12MP cameras, one with their usual wide angle lens and a second with a 2x lens that get them to something close to the "normal" lens. Not really a zoom but at least you aren't stuck with just a wide angle camera and digital zoom and the...
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    Review: Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS II by TDP

    Compared to the competition (used the 1Ds Mark III for similar resolution to the D3x): Not so bad a lens over the range...
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    TDP Image Quality posted - 24-105L II

    Makes me wonder if the push off until December for the standalone lens release is an attempt to get a handle on quality control. If so it would suck to by the kit right now.
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    A Focus Peaking Patent from Canon

    Since the M5 has DPAF and Focus Peaking, is it something different than what they did there? If you don't want to see all of Canon's sales hype scroll over to 5:08 minutes to where the manual focus is illustrated.
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    EOS 5D Mark IV review--from the trenches

    In reality I usually have plenty of memory cards with me, especially when on an extended photo trip, so I bracket RAW files to get the best overall exposure to work with in Photoshop. In most cases I can come up with a file that gives me the image I want without having to resort to HDR methods...
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    EOS 5D Mark IV review--from the trenches

    I still have my 5D Mark III so I took all three bodies (5Dm3, 5Dm4, and 5DS) with me a couple of weeks ago to shoot a landscape scene. It was overcast so a relatively low contrast scene. To keep a little detail in the drab sky I used live view on all three cameras to adjust the exposure just...
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    Have most now forsaken the 5dMk3 and jumped on to the Mk4?

    I find myself with a 5D3, 5D4, and 5DS since I haven't sold off the 5D3 yet. Here's an unscientific, real world test of the three bodies. I took them out and shot a scene with the same 24-70/2.8L II lens at f8 and approximately 45mm. I used the live view histogram to set the exposure with...
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    Review: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV by

    My only criticism is all of the ranting he does about the menus when shooting video. All you have to do is set up some "My Menus" tabs with the settings that you would regularly change or tweak during a shoot and you're good to go. I set up 3 tabs and that was all I needed for both stills and...
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    Specs & Images of the EF-M 18-150mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM & EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS II Leak Out

    If they go to f8 it could be even smaller. I don't have a problem with the math, it's just not a system for me. Low light performance suffers the smaller you go. If you are willing to use the required higher ISO settings then good for you but it begins to negate the benefits of the larger...
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    Specs & Images of the EF-M 18-150mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM & EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS II Leak Out

    There is no good reason for that lens to be slower than f5.6. It should be smaller anyway based on the image circle size. The only reason is that it is cheaper to manufacture. Another example of Canon creating a distinction between camera lines.