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    The Canon EOS 5D Mark V is in the works [CR2]

    Partial Spec List based on logic & experience: Shutter lag will be so slightly improved that it won't make any difference. Expect 40MP and an S or R version to be about 100 MP after a year or so.. 1/200ths of a sec, top sync with dedicated strobes.. All other lights, like studio lighting will...
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    Patent: Panning Assist Using Image Stabilization

    Great... a nice soft image... just like the 6D2 produces.. Sorry, but Canon's in camera IS is junk... totally worthless..
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    The TIPA and EISA Award Winners Have Been Announced

    Best Full-Frame DSLR Expert: Canon EOS 6D Mark II Give me a break..! I sold mine for a loss, and was happy about it... Piece of junk if you ask me..
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    DPReview Interview With Canon Execs, \

    It's just like the D30 all over again... Just wait... hold your horses... you switchers will be sorry... ;-)
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    RIP Chuck Westfall

    The man behind the Fake Chuck Westfall blog had this to say today:
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    RIP Chuck Westfall

    I never met him, but I did speak with him on the phone a few times.. Very helpful... great guy to have known... What a sad day... Thank you Chuck, for making a difference. JP
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    Canon Asking Select Professionals What They Want in a Mirrorless Camera

    The pros they are probably talking to are saying: 1. We want a relatively slow frame rate. 2. A max burst time of 1.3 seconds before the buffer is full, and a waiting time of 4-5 seconds before we can take the next photo. 3. A 1/200ths top sync speed for studio flashes. 1/250ths is never...
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    What if Canon were no longer #1?

    Great... it would force them to do what #3 has been doing... / Make significant upgrades with technology they have had for YEARS... many many Years... rather than these tiny little incremental upgrades.. Years ago, I was known as "BeerBoy".. on DPreview.. and the reason why I was well...
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    200mm f/1.8L not for portraits

    Hence why I normally avoid contributing to topics on these kinds of forums, open to anyone with a camera.. Thank you for reminding me of that.. Cheers!
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    The Next Lens from Canon Will be an EF-S Prime

    How about a 10mm f2.8 EF-S lens... That would be quite a bit useful to me..
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    200mm f/1.8L not for portraits

    I use my 200mm f1.8 for discerning clients... i.e. non soccer mom types... the corporate clients who hire me for my expertise... who don't want some idiot showing up with a pop-up flash on their Rebel... who actually recognize good results.. My 200mm f1.8 is also a sales tool... When I use...
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    Canon Full Frame Mirrorless [CR2]

    The way I see it happening... is in the way the D30 preceded the 1D, after Nikon came out with their D1.. Gosh... remember how the D1 changed the world..? I sure do... Every newspaper bought their staff shooters D1 cameras and Nikon lenses, plus a Tamron 14mm f3.5, and sold their Canon film...
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    Advantage of non-Vibration vs Sony with Vibration reduction..??

    I've been a Canon EOS owner since 1996, after I switched from Minolta to Canon when I went pro. I have been self-employed as a freelance commercial photographer since then too. I have been shooting video since shortly after the introduction of the 5D2. I have a large lens selection of Canon...
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    A Bit of EOS 5D Mark IV & EOS 7D Mark II Information [CR2]

    Oh great... a 3K 5DMk4... That means 1/200ths top sync speed... sloooooow shutter lag making it useless for action photography... and a slow processor.... along with two or so stops of lower ISO performance than a camera that is only 1/3 more in value... but the 7D MK2 is a camera that has...
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    EOS 5D Mark IV Registered with Indonesian Certification Authority

    Gosh... I'd like to see a 1/250ths top sync speed... and continuing to see a PC socket... in addition to having a shutter release lag time worthy of a camera that costs upwards of 3,500.00 Plus the red AF dot that matches the performance of the red AF dot in the 5D Mark II 4K is ok...