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    Tamron 90mm macro or Sigma 150 OS?

    Do you ever plan to work without support? From all the testing I've seen online the hybrid IS of the canon makes a notable difference when hand-holding the camera JSP
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    cheap lowlight 30-35mm for APS-C

    I would stay away from the older Sigma 30mm, mine has never made me happy with the AF performance. at least on my 7d. Since that's probably going to be a priority as the little one gains mobility.... JSP
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    Euro Trip Lens selection.

    it depends on your particulars, but I'd keep what you have, maybe adding in a 24-70 or a 100mm macro L, if you like things. I was in London for 2 weeks this winter and don't think I used the 70-200 once, but I tended towards museums and churches, so a lot of interiors and landscape stuff. On a...
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    CLOSED: Gura Gear Giveaway!

    Re: Gura Gear Giveaway! Gimme, gimme?
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    Canon EF-S 18-135 f/3.5-5.6 IS STM Information

    STM is "the thing that isn't USM", right? Like on the 50f1.8 and other super-cheap lenses? JSP
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    Headed to Paris with Camera Gear

    I'd say the most used things in Paris were the mid-to-wide zoom (18-50 on a crop) and a small beanbag. There are plenty of places where a tripod isn't permitted or just too much of a pain, but a beanbag on a wall works pretty well. Also if you like taking pics of things in cases of museums or...
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    1Ds Mark IV & 5D Mark III [CR0.5]

    It sounds good, but so good I'm a bit suspicious, more "wish list" like then "reality"...or at least it's too good and if I thought it were real I'd probably get disappointed when it isn't JSP
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    Canon Lens Mug - Giveaway

    maybe a rotating set of prime lenses, like on a super-8 video camera. That way you can make working with primes easier for newbies
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    Tonights Announcements [CR2]

    what is the deal with the Ixus name that seems to only appear on european models? A
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    Samyang 24 f/1.4 is coming

    on these Samyang lenses is the aperture electric like the Zeiss ones or will you need to do step-down metering?? JSP
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    5D Mark III & More Information [CR1]

    Re: 5D Mark III & More Information [CR1] i wonder how they'd distinguish it from the 14mmL already in the lineup. Usually you loose some speed when you get a zoom, but since Nikon has the f2.8 I'd be very surprised if canon didn't match them. Maybe they'll just discontinue the 14mm? jsp
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    Canon Patents This Week

    i wonder if the 50mm will have the hybrid IS, it would make a powerful competitor, since nikon doesn't have a VR 50ish mm macro
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    Patent - EF 28 f/1.8 DO & Others

    well that is a messy translation! If the DO optics could make the lens smaller, I think this could be a big win. People are seeing the "pancake" lenses on the m4/3 cameras and are probably wondering where one is for the big boys... just my thought, otherwise the current f1.8 is an excellent...
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    Canon EOS with GPS tagging

    I wouldn't mind having a grip with GPS, but having to buy a grip to attach ANOTHER thing that is the GPS, that's just too much for me JSP