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    Canon officially announces the PowerShot G5 X Mark II and PowerShot G7 X Mark III

    Can someone confirm the differences besides I see the g5 goes to 120mm? Also, isn't it extremely weird that they added a mic input, talk about vlogging, but have nowhere to mount a mic? No shoe or 1/4-20 at the top? Gonna have to get funky adapters/cages making the camera larger and heavier :(
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    The rest of 2019 for Canon will be about updating dated product lines [CR2]

    I just want the new g7x to come out already, for vlogging! Hell, the new Sony RX0 II announced today could even be a contender over the $1500 RX100 variant...
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    Where is the G7x MK III?

    I'm looking to pick up the mark III purely as a vlogging camera. Don't care about viewfinder, zoom range+aperture are nice. I hope the screen could flip out to the side instead of blocked up top. And better 4K/low light performance/framerate options. I'm literally just on the sidelines waiting...
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    Two New Lenses Coming From Canon Next Week [CR3]

    I hope there is something that makes me want to upgrade/replace my 70-200 F4. Can't really see what that would be... so I hope I'm surprised by something! Lighter would be really nice as I've been doing a lot more hiking with it lately and if I can save a measurable amount of grams, I'll take it!
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    Two New Lenses Coming From Canon Next Week [CR3]

    Holy how on earth do you backcountry hike with the 70-200 2.8, which I assume is not the only lens you're bringing?
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    Deal: Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan $99/yr (Reg $119)

    Ah good catch I didn't notice that (also in Canada). I wonder if it's enforced? I see Amazon also pricematched this - their download has the same US blurb but nothing for the shipped version. But that one has shipping and import fees deposit :(
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    Ended: Adobe Creative Cloud 12 Month Photography Plan $89 (Reg $119)

    Re: Deal: Adobe Creative Cloud 12 Month Photography Plan $89 (Reg $119) My adobe CC is coming up for renewal. Can I buy this and apply it a few months from now, so both later from purchase AND to an existing subscription?