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    Beautiful shot, Mr. Haines! And I love the details that you have given, especially that line, "I am in the canoe with Princess Fluffy Molly Puffhead Magnificent Tail." #BangOn Lines. :D
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    Seashore, Beaches and Harbours

    What an amazing place! Looks beautiful place to spend some quality time with my husband! :love: Thank you, Jeff, for sharing such a wonderful pic!
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    Red squirrels

    I love squirrels! I love all the pics, but this set is just superb! The little squirrel is so cute. Great job, Mr. Haines. (y)
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    Carnivores in the Wild

    You have done really well, Mr. Haines! It doesn't look like they are different shots! Rather it looks like a GIF! Great job, Mr. Haines! (y)
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    Creatures from the ocean!

    Amazing pics, Jeff. The last close up is my favorite. I have never seen Seals. Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful photos with us. :)
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    Such a cute Penguin soft toy. Loved your shot!
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    Well captured! I liked it! It's an amazing one. Great Job Man!
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    My simple stamp photographing setup

    Good Shot. Found some interesting new one.
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    Surfing Puerto Rico, Corona Pro Circuit

    Nice collections of images. Love to see especially the water shoot. #4 is awesome.
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    MY dog

    Good Capture! The dog's images are nice. Especially 2nd one is awesome. It's spreading of Happiness.
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    What a beautiful flower it is! Great Macro capture.
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    Flowers and other Flora

    Amazing collections of flowers. I love to see Flowers photos and get to know about the new flowers. I loved all one. Thank you. If you have more than please share. I am very much interested in flower photography.
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    Flowers and other Flora

    Amazing collections of flowers. I loved to see flowers images.
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    Surfing at Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia

    Nice shot. The waves effect showing vulnerable. The clarity of the image is awesome.
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    MY dog

    Nice one! You have captured it precisely. All the images are wow!