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    Flowers and other Flora

    A Lily trying to be a Jellyfish.
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    Flowers and other Flora

    Succulents are not known for the flowers, I am told. However, this Hens and Chicks created an amazing display.
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    How to scan slides

    For small quantities I have found the best results were a calibrated lightbox, Sony A7rII and a Canon 100mm f2.8L IS lens. I have created a black mask slide holder and use the camera tethered to a MacBook Pro. The results are impressive. Even better than the same slides scanned on a Flexscan...
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    Photographing bears in Alaska - Brooks Falls

    Got run off the river while flyfishing upstream from the falls by the biggest Brown Bear we saw on our trip. He decide where I was was where he wanted to be. I made an exit to the bank and he promptly caught a huge King salmon. My fish!!! I have always loved the "No Bears" sign on the...
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    Black and White Landscapes!

    Mt Jefferson with smoke, atmospheric haze, and thunderstorms developing made for the graduated values between ranges.
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    Mt Hood, Oregon after major wind/snow storm

    Storm clearing in the Oregon cascades. Second shot is the results of the storm with gusts up to 147mph.
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    Lightroom Soft Proofing bug fixed with update

    Jeff Tranberry announced that Lightroom CC 2015 and ACR have been updated. I tested several files in Lightroom 5.7.1 and Lightroom CC 2015.4 and found that both represented the correct RGB values when using Soft Proofing to evaluate your images. There are several other updates to Lightroom...
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    Light temperature measurement

    Best option is to buy a used Minolta Color Temperature meter. As few people use them anymore, you will probably find one for virtually nothing. They are very accurate and sophisticated. I have kept mine knowing that at some point I would need to determine exactly the color temperature of some...
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    Lightroom 6 and Lightroom CC Bug fix

    Here is a link to Adobe's Lightroom forum and a description of the bug, issue and Adobe's responses,
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    Lightroom 6 and Lightroom CC Bug fix

    Just received this email from Adobe concerning the Soft Proofing bug that shows incorrect RGB values, "Hello All, I apologize for the delay in addressing this issue (it was unfortunately overlooked and only brought to my attention last week). We were able to reproduce the issue in-house and...
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    LR update did not fix Soft Proofing bug, again!

    Updated and found that the Soft Proofing bug that gives erroneous RGB values is still there. Only LR 5.7.1 or older will give you the proper RGB values. This is crucial for anyone who wants to print their images. Example, a grey patch which reads in PS as 153/150/149 will read the same in LR...
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    Adobe Updates Lightroom to 6.3, Restores Old Import Screen

    Sadly they have not fixed the Soft Proofing bug. I tested LR 6.3/LR CC 2015.3 and LR 5.7.1. The only version that displays the RGB values correctly is LR 5.7.1. This bug was reported back in April 2015 and repeatedly mention in many different forums including Adobe's bug site. Must be a...
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    Adobe Updates Lightroom to 6.3, Restores Old Import Screen

    Lightroom 6.3 still broken The bug that RGB value bug is still there. Just are not enough people using the histogram values to evaluate their files I guess. Our studio will stay with LR 5.7.1 as it is essential that we know if the files are going to meet our clients needs.
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    Creating custom camera profile

    I used DNG Profiler Editor to create a camera profile for my Sony A7r II. It is fast and easy. Here is the link to the Windows version:
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    Update on Lightroom 2015.2 / Lightroom 6.2 Release

    Update to LR CC 2015 2.1 and it still locks up when trying to quit the program. Attempting to quit out of LR causes it to going to a "Not Responding" loop. The only way out is to "Force Quit". This is the same behavior as LR CC 2015 2. This is occurring on a Mac OS 10.10.4. The Soft...