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    Patent: 83mp full-frame image sensor from Canon

    At some point, we will have a monster chip and an insanely sharp prime that will allow digital zooming that is truly stunning.
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    Here are some images and pricing for the Canon EOS 90D

    I'm liking the curve ball approach here. I think the 7D label will be reborn, but not as a true DSLR. Look where the investment money is going- to lenses. I'm betting that a "top end" hybrid APSC will emerge with IBIS. This will be engineered as a true sports/wildlife camera. Remember...
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    Firmware: Canon EOS RP v1.3.0

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    We’ve received the pricing for the new RF lenses

    Body should come free with the lens! My God!
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    Firmware: Canon EOS RP v1.3.0

    Just waiting for the features that I find will fill my needs and challenge me in the future.(at 70, that's not asking much. LOL) Reflecting back to my early childhood days and shooting with my Argus C3, I have developed the patience of a rock. I'm sure some of you have experienced the...
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    Poll: Are you going to be preordering the Canon EOS 90D or Canon EOS M6 Mark II?

    Nope! When I see something that can truly upscale my 5D Mark IV, I'm in. I still haven't replaced my 7D- it still works great. Meanwhile, I keep throwing money into my savings account.
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    Time Travel: 2019 IndyCar at Road America shot on a Canon SUPER 8 from 1968

    I still have my 8mm projector that can edit audio. I bought a Chinon camera at the same time and it had lots of bells & whistles along with an incredible 6-72mm f1.8 zoom lens. The lens was hugh with a 72mm filter diameter. After editing the film, I would send in off to have a copy made.(no...
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    Time Travel: 2019 IndyCar at Road America shot on a Canon SUPER 8 from 1968

    The vintage style narration totally nails it.
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    Canon increased its global market share of still cameras in 2018

    I think Canon's success is multifaceted but it's ergonomics and the intuitive design is the key. If you don't have to use the instruction manual to navigate the system in a timely manner, that's big. I once tried to help a Nikon user with some setting and about tore my hair out. Word of mouth...
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    Canon working on another f/2 zoom lens for the RF mount [CR1]

    The wide end would be welcome at this end. 10mm would be awesome, 12mm would be OK. The big heavy superwide lenses need a tripod mount.
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    A Canon RF 300mm f/2.8L IS USM is on the way [CR2]

    Internal TC :)
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    Is a dedicated astrophotography EOS R coming in 2019? [CR1]

    Maybe something like "in-body filters" or some kind of drop in filter tray in front of the image plane.
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    Canon Inc. releases Q1 2019 financial results

    Cell phone photography offers instant gratification. From ease of use to sharing, it can't be beat. With so many DSLR "photographers" today, it's hard to compete at an economical level. When a wedding album consists of a bunch of cell phone photos that the guests shared with you, that's a...
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    The fastest memory cards for your Canon EOS RP

    They used an EOS R, not the RP, for the tests.(read the fine print) No big deal.
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    Patent: 8-15mm fisheye zoom for mirrorless

    OMG! Not quite fast enough for astro work, but worthy of a try.