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    The Canon RF 85mm f/1.2L USM: The developers answer 10 questions

    When the Canon engineers said " I believe to a certain extent that users can see the improvements to the bokeh shape being cut out in the peripherals [compared to the shape on a DSLR]." they were not talking about cat's eye distortion. They were talking about bokeh clipping that occurs at f/1.2...
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    Future DSLRs with RF mount?

    Ughh... I guess the physics makes it impossible. I guess I haven't adjusted to the time change yet. :p
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    Future DSLRs with RF mount?

    What if the rumored 1D X Mark III appeared with an RF mount as opposed to the venerable EF mount? Would it be shunned by current 1D X shooters, or would they be excited about the prospect of shooting with the new RF lens options? My hunch is the need to adapt most of the lenses that 1D X...
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    Canon EOS-1D X Mark III field testing has begun [CR2]

    "We’re told that the follow-up to the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II has begun field testing with a very small number of photographers and/or engineers." I'm sure someone here has a feel for the average lead time of a Canon pro model field test to announcement / release. What would that be? 9 months...
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    Is there an EOS R series camera with an APS-C sensor coming? [CR1]

    Over a rumor? Man. I picture the Canon CEO reading this, walking from Tokyo to the shores of Japan, with a tear in his eye, waving goodbye to pickelshoes. In all seriousness, best of luck with your next camera system. There are plenty of good ones. You almost can't go wrong these days.
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    POLL? How many are preordering the EOS R?

    Wow! I hope it meets your expectations! I wouldn't have considered such a move without renting it first. Let everyone know your thoughts after you've used it for a bit!
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    Lots of New mirrorless and DSLR cameras in the pipeline

    I bet he has the same amount of research that you have for the statement "The Pro's influence trickles down and is still more relevant." ;)
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    Interview: Canon engineers talk Canon EOS R development

    I think it is more than just segmentation. I firmly believe it's technical. In the a7riii Sony is able to apply interpolation to the entire sensor readout of 7952 x 5304 to produce a video frame of 3,840 x 2,160, and do it fast enough to keep high data stream rates. Canon simply can't do that...
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    Lots of New mirrorless and DSLR cameras in the pipeline

    There are a lot of good points here, but consider that (according to the US Department of Labor) there are roughly 49,000 professional photographers in the United States. (see ) That's a pretty small number. (Compare to 183K Electrical Engineers...
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    Advice Wanted - Help me decide on new camera

    I will agree to overstating things a bit. You can definitely still use the L glass and, as FramerMCB's image shows, take very good photos. But there is a real thing called "resolving power" for a lens. A crop sensor is only using the center of the projected image from a EF lens, and if the...
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    Advice Wanted - Help me decide on new camera

    Not wanting to argue, but if the OP is happy with a crop sensor, then I think FF might be overkill for them. FF is right for you and I because of our goals, but if the OP doesn't have the same goals as us, then crop may be fine for them. It's great for most people IMO. I hate to see anyone spend...
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    What lenses are coming next for the Canon RF mount?

    But then I would need another teleconverter for RF lenses. I guess if they never plan to create RF versions of the really big whites that would make sense, but I think they're going "all in" on RF in the long run.
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    Advice Wanted - Help me decide on new camera

    You have a couple of L lenses, so maybe you were, at some point in time, planning on going full-frame? But now it seems you don't care if you go to crop or full frame. :unsure: Anyway, if I were you (based on the little bit you've said on needs) it sounds like you might benefit from selling...
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    What lenses are coming next for the Canon RF mount?

    If wishes were horses, I'd be riding these by the end of 2019: RF 16-35mm f/2.8L RF 24-70mm f/2.8L (preferably IS) RF 100mm f/2.8L IS But it depends on the next camera body too. P.S. RF is Canon's future. Don't care what anyone else is selling on that topic.