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    Here are some images and pricing for the Canon EOS 90D

    I get to Retire the old 450D soon, roll on i say , happy days :)
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    Canon EOS 90D full specifications

    Yes i do agree, dont think it will be called that but possibly a APS-C R worthy version to succeed the 7Dll? long shot i know lol
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    I dont trust words. I trust pictures.

    I dont trust words. I trust pictures.
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    Canon EOS 90D full specifications

    I think the 7D3 will come in the form of a R variant at some point , for the 90D this will be a great upgrade to the 80d and coming from a rebel also makes it come closer to bridge the gap from the 7D line. Just a hunch that's all .
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    Poll: Are you going to be preordering the Canon EOS 90D or Canon EOS M6 Mark II?

    This will be a big upgrade for me coming from a 450D to the 90D , i have a keen eye and the older rebel still got me good shots but i was in the end limited, so cant wait for this to be honest. anyone going from a rebel or even a 60/70D..etc this i am sure will not disappoint.
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    What’s next for the Canon EOS R system and the rest of the lineup?

    Hurry up with the 80d replacement already..