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    Firmware: Canon EOS R v1.2.0 available for download

    Initial testing suggests the Eye-AF is much better and responsive, in both One Shot and SERVO. However, it seems like it has limited distance within which it can detect the eyes like before. Need to test some more, but definitely much smoother and quick too.
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    Firmware: Canon EOS R v1.2.0 available for download

    Oh man, reading the comments it seems like the Eye-AF is working great in this update. Cannot wait to go home after work and try it out. Is the distance still limited to the what it was before for Eye-AF or has the range increase much more. Some are saying same as Face Detect, that is a very...
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    RF Pancakes?

    Intriguing conversation. Just after I started this thread we saw patents to mid level primes the 28 and 50 mil 1.8. I like how Canon is pushing lenses for the RF mount, and hopefully they will work out some of the button layout for R bodies in a generation or two.
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    RF Pancakes?

    Ok, this might be a silly question (forgive my limited understanding of the technical limitation and possibilities of the RF mount). I am curious if RF mount based pancake lenses are technically possible to design with larger than 2.8 aperture? I love the EF 40mm pancake on my EOS R, it just...
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    New major firmware for the Canon EOS R should arrive soon

    Do we know when this major firmware update is coming? I thought it was around March.
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    Please don’t take away the multi function bar!!

    I have mine set to AF point type, I can cycle through them with ease as situation changes from needing one type to the other. I like it, and I think it has potential to be better. I do feel some sort of tactile feedback or something would benefit the bar. Right now, you have to pay attention to...
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    Canon EOS R Continuous Eye-AF Sort Of!

    No, thank you. I have been using your trick and it works like a charm. Baffles me why Canon didnt think of this or anyone else for that matter. I have a 19 month old who loves to be active, and I am able to track him consistently using the trick on your video. So, thank you =D
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    I noticed the EOS R sometimes stops down lenses during focusing, what's the deal with that?

    I have been using EF 50 1.2 with my R. I think it does tend to have soft focus as it stops down. I never realized till I read this thread. I have to check my files again, but I remember I took a bunch of shots of my 1.5 year old son at fast shutter speed and wide open. The focus acquiring seemed...
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    Charging LP-E6N and LP-E6 batteries for use in EOS-R

    Good to know, thanks.
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    Charging LP-E6N and LP-E6 batteries for use in EOS-R

    The battery and charger on the left is an extra I have left that was used for my now sold 5D3. The battery and the charger on the right came with the R. I understand we can use LP-E6 on R, and I have had no issues using it on the R so far. However, based on the ratings printed on the back of...
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    Adapter Rings for EOS R

    I actually prefer the control ring adapter of over the native RF lens control ring in terms of the position. It is far more intuitive and has a natural placement to dial the ring on the adapter as it sits close to the mount and hence you can reach with your fingers. On the RF it is at the far...
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    Hand strap for R

    I like the Clutch from Peak Design: and their Slide strap on my EOS R. It is small but very well made and easy to attach/detach. When I bought them they also had the Arca style plate called ProPlate (which seems to be discontinued now) with which you...
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    The RF 35mm f1.8 STM: This lens makes Full Frame to a travel option...

    Hi JoFT, I am liking the EOS R so far. and testing it with my 50 1.2L and the 40 pancake which I borrowed from my colleague. I love the pancake on the R + EF-RF Adaptor combo. However I am looking to buy the 35 RF for the very reason - lightweight/travel combo. Those shots look great. Did you...
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    Canon EOS R - Error 070

    I immediately did the low level format on that card, and all others as well. Have not gotten that error since, and have been taking test shots here and there. Thanks for the link, I have placed an order for a couple of UHS-II !
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    Canon EOS R - Error 070

    I have a question for you folks. When I turned on my R for the first time with the Lexar 32GB UHS-I SD card, I got the Error 070. It would ask me to shutdown and restart, or remove the battery and put it back on. The only way to get rid of that error was to remove and reinstall the battery (with...