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    Portrait of your "Best friend"

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    Adobe Reports Record Q2 Revenue

    Yes, with 32 GB ram and 6GB on the video card. I ran the WIN 10 compatibility program and it suggested running in WIN 8 simulation which sped things up dramatically. Leaving it there for now.
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    Adobe testing a new price point for the Creative Cloud Photography Plan

    Price is still $9.99
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    Post-processing for stock photo submission

    No, just go to the site, make an account and submit some pics for review.
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    Camera Standard profile for EOS RP in Lightroom Classic

    Saw the same thing, no profile for the RP. I used the Adobe versions for now.
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    RP going back, unopened

    Got the RP yesterday, getting used to the EVF but so far I like it. Impressed at how such a small light camera can shoot FF. Looking forward to doing some traveling with it.
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    EOS RP silent mode question

    I don't think you can choose anything, it's all automatic. I was referring to the menu where you set the parameters for max and min allowable auto shutter speed, max and min auto ISO, do those limitations feed over into the silent mode? I'm thinking they do, DUH, it's an automatic mode. Have to...
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    EOS RP silent mode question

    I have an event to go to and need a silent shutter and a travel camera. I've been through the whole range of mirrorless cameras from point and shoot to interchangable lens cameras. I got down to a decision between the Sony RX10 IV and the Panasonic FZ1000 II. Both would do the job but the Sony...
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    Panasonic will release what Canon should have?

    Correct me if I'm wrong but the AF is not on sensor so no benefit of on sensor AF. You still have to adjust lenses. Was interested but that's a game killer for me.
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    Post-processing for stock photo submission

    They mostly reject some of mine because of lack of sharpness, what they call processing artifacts and "have no commercial value". Of the stock sites I use adobestock is the most picky.
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    Post-processing for stock photo submission

    Yes, they like oversaturation and sharpness especially the eyes. Look at most pics on the net, that's what people like and that's where a lot of these photos are used. I push the vibrance up in LR and keep the saturation at near normal. You get what they want without totally ruining everything. JMO
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    Official LC-E6 Chargers - Why Change in Amps/Voltage?

    Outputs are the same and that's the side the battery sees, so no change there. Looks like they made them more efficient energy wise.
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    Lots of New mirrorless and DSLR cameras in the pipeline

    Looks like no new 5DsR in the pipeline, very disappointing. Was hoping for a high MP pro MLC. Tempted by the new 50 1.2 but not enough to replace the 5D4 or 5DsR.
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    POLL? How many are preordering the EOS R?

    The WYSIWYG EVF, silent shutter and eye focus are tempting but not enough over the 5D4. Will wait for next Canon MLC, if it can replace my 5DsR for megapixels will do. Not buying any more EF lenses, only RF and will move over in the next 2 or 3 years for sure.
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