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    How lossy is C-RAW?
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    How often to clean dust from the front element of the lens?

    I use clear filters, usually B+W XS-Pro Nano-coated (007M). No need for UV on digital cameras. Work well for me, get scratched, so I figure they do protect the lens.
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    Printing Panoramas: What are the typical sizes? And other questions....

    300 DPI, I like to print print on aluminum or acrylic. Comes with choice of mount. I use artbeatstudios, many others do similar quality work. I have a lot done there and after so many dollars spent, they give a discount and their facebook page shows sales all the time. Used bayphoto and...
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    Does Lightroom 6.0 Support the R and RP cameras ?

    Yeah, RAW, camera profiles and lens data is constantly updated for each new camera release on subscription. Might take a few weeks or longer after product release. The way around is to to use another RAW converter like the one Canon provides and bring those files (tif, etc) into LR. I have no...
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    HELP!! Canon utility stopped recognising my cameras

    In the camera wifi connection settings don't use what is already saved there for your network, log in again like the first time, step by step.
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    HELP!! Canon utility stopped recognising my cameras

    Would happen to me often after a win 10 update. Usually the following worked to fix it. 1. Abandon the camera settings for logging in and re-enter them. 2. If that doesn't work right click on the Eos utility icon and run "Trouble shoot Compatibility". I stopped using the wifi to transfer pics...
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    The impact of Large Sensor Super-Smartphones on Low-end to Mid-range Photography

    Don't see expensive fat phones being popular. Attachable modules, attached directly or apart via wireless. You could do more than a camera attachment with such a system. Another idea, reflector lens design like that used in telescopes to get around the physics problem.
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    Firmware: Canon EOS RP v1.3.0

    This is true or are you joking?
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    Firmware: Canon EOS RP v1.3.0

    Meh, They could let you use the silent shutter outside quiet mode. Would really make the RP better. Need this anyway for the new lens that's coming.
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    Portrait of your "Best friend"

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    Adobe Reports Record Q2 Revenue

    Yes, with 32 GB ram and 6GB on the video card. I ran the WIN 10 compatibility program and it suggested running in WIN 8 simulation which sped things up dramatically. Leaving it there for now.
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    Adobe testing a new price point for the Creative Cloud Photography Plan

    Price is still $9.99
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    Post-processing for stock photo submission

    No, just go to the site, make an account and submit some pics for review.
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    Camera Standard profile for EOS RP in Lightroom Classic

    Saw the same thing, no profile for the RP. I used the Adobe versions for now.
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    RP going back, unopened

    Got the RP yesterday, getting used to the EVF but so far I like it. Impressed at how such a small light camera can shoot FF. Looking forward to doing some traveling with it.