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    The Zhiyun Crane 2 motorized gimbal capabilitywith Canon cameras

    Davinci Resolve.... sure, the learning curve is a bit higher, but it has superior grading tools and by next version it will probably be on par for most users with Premiere Pro in terms of editing. We hardly use anything else on our TVC productions etc.
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    Canon Announces the EOS M50 Mirrorless Camera

    Atleast we can always trust Canon to underdeliver.... mainly because they produce so much crap in order to cover all segments. Another half way there gimped camera... but yeah, vloggers are probably gonna love for some reason.
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    Another Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS III Mention [CR2]

    How do you repaint The Mona Lisa? :O
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    Hasselblad Introduces the H6D-400c MS, a 400 Megapixel Multi-Shot Camera

    4K and HD raw video :O That would make this camera pretty damn interesting. Too bad the form factor is still a bit annoying and unwieldy.
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    Monolight Lighting Recommendations please!

    Hi... I have no money, but I want it all!!! All jokes aside... you can't have all that at that price point, end of story. However, you could get some of it. First thing... stay clear of Bowens lights. They are good, but Bowens is going through liquidation and soon they will be no more. That...
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    I'm making a 4:4:4/4:2:2 16/14/12/10-bit codec for Canon DSLR's

    Looking forward to it! Ever since ML was introduced to my 5D3 I've hated Canon for intentionally gimping their cameras so severely. Would absolutely LOVE having raw in the 5D4....
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    Why I Switched from Sony to Canon by Armando Ferreira

    Can someone help me.... who is he? And where can I see some of his "real" work that isn't just videos on gadgets on YT? Is he one of those Peter McKinnon / "Travel Feels" types? I mean people who are giving advice based on... well... nothing.... I don't see Robert Richardson or Roger Deakins...
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    Off Brand: Sharp Announces 8C-B60A 8K Professional Camcorder

    and 5kg... xO better get some sticks... this cam will break your back if you try to shouldermount it. Fun aside... it was probably made for sticks, so can't blame them, and if they plan on using this for the olympics, they are probable counting on having controlled conditions so the power...
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    Colormatching the FS7 II to the Canon 5D4

    Looks like I still have to fiddle a bit around with the individual colors afterwards. Add to that, going from Canon log to Red709 and slog 3 to 709, the blues start to differ little as well. I wish all brands would normalise colors to a standart in camera. But I guess they need to set...
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    Colormatching the FS7 II to the Canon 5D4

    Yep, a bit annoying. But if I have a spare moment, I might end up doing it just for the practice. Still bugs me why Sony would use the filters the way they do... I mean, some colors look fine, but others like red and skin are just weird...
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    Colormatching the FS7 II to the Canon 5D4

    The Canon c-log is surprisingly un-loggy imo... it still goes close to top and bottom in the wave form. Unlike Sony which ends up covering an area from around 35 to 75 or so. In the case of matching the FS7 footage to the canon footage, the only thing I did to the Canon footage was just...
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    Colormatching the FS7 II to the Canon 5D4

    Just tried the colorchart matching for the heck of it... it doesn't get nearly as close as the manual version I did. Annoying really. Although it's probably asking too much of that function. It still messes up those particular colors between the two cameras. EDIT: played a bit around with the...
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    Colormatching the FS7 II to the Canon 5D4

    Hm... thought it would show up in the post... I can see it myself. Anyways here it is again:
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    Colormatching the FS7 II to the Canon 5D4

    So I own both, but I somewhat like the colorscience of the Canon better. Mind you, I've shot loads with the FS7 alone and have no issues handing over that footage. But I wondered if it might be possible at all to match up the two cameras in cases where it would be fun to use two angles at the...
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    Do fast primes make you a lazy composer?

    None of the two are better than the other... it's always an artistic choice that will suit different subjects. A good photographer will wander between each type and choose that specific look depending on what the shot is trying to achieve. Which is why trend photographers tend to be around only...