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    The Canon EOS M50 leads mirrorless camera sales in Japan for March 2019

    Too late: Okay, the joke works only in german language :-(
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    Canon EOS-1D X Mark III field testing has begun [CR2]

    If the mirror movement limits the number of max. frames per second, then why not use the DPAF and take two or three pictures before the mirror moves back again. I think, pros are able to follow a bird or plane with short black out periods. 14 fps in classic mode, 28 with DPAF support. But i do...
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    Canon, Canon Canon….. Please help the video stars

    hi. I own and like canon's fisheye zoom. Sometimes i wish i could use it at 8mm for video. But it seems it is not possible. Is it possible (work around) to get a video from the full 3:2 sensor, or, why isn't it possible? The cropped full circle at 8mm looks strange. Please, Canon, can i have a...
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    Canon releases firmware v1.1.0 for the EOS R and it’s disappointing

    In the first 80 seconds i noticed 4 situations when the girl moved the toy close to line eye-to-cam, and three times, the video was cut. Why at that important moment? Did the cam lost the focus on the eye?
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    Meike Announces 6-11mm f/3.5 Fisheye Zoom for Canon EF

    yeah, finally a zoom full frame to full circle fisheye for 16:9 video at the wide end. The 8mm are to big for video.
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    What lenses are coming next for the Canon RF mount?

    I should try that again - if i remember right, LV was only a black screen with noise. The EVF doesn't work for me so I take 10 to 20 shots 15 sec long to get the sharpnes... :cautious: Thank you!
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    What lenses are coming next for the Canon RF mount?

    It seems, the R-Mount can make lenses possible, that can't be done with EF. I think, many peaple want a lens like a coma free 14 2.0. Focussing stars with my bad eyes (-12 dpt) through the EVF is a frustrating iterative process. Does DPAF help here?
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    What lenses are coming next for the Canon RF mount?

    ... yes, and STM, for video!:D
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    Opinion: Canon is causing its own problems with the RF mount

    Like others, i feel somehow frustrated. Why? It seems, the RF Mount proofs that Canon can and will devellop "better" lenses (2.0 zoom & 50 1.2) than for EF. When i remeber right, some people here said a shorter mount is better for lenses with focal lenghts <50-100mm. Above that, there is no...
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    A hypothesis concerning the RF mount

    I'm sure that, in this case, we will get an adapter.;)
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    A hypothesis concerning the RF mount

    hello, i think you are right. Canon need something small. You faked a 28mm lens inside some bigger DSLRs. Can you do this with a 200D and the 28mm lens, please? I think, it should be possible to put in a FF sensor in the 200D. Today, it is limited by the OVF and the smaller APS-C mirror. 200D...
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    Canon EF 400mm f/2.8L IS III one of two “Big White Lenses” coming ahead of Photokina [CR3]

    Imagine the second white would be a cheaper little brother - a 400 5.6 IS or 500 5.6 / 6.3 IS.
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    Is a native EF mount coming to a Canon full frame mirrorless camera? [CR1]

    You are right. But in general, people should use their mind when they do more than breathing. I will try my best, too. Yes, yes, yes. Every inch counts. :)
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    Is a native EF mount coming to a Canon full frame mirrorless camera? [CR1]

    I think, Jester74 suggested an EF Mount but not the EF flange distance. Instead, he asked, wouldn't it be sexy, if the adapter would be the already available extension tube 25 II. I like this idea. It would be a customer friendly solution. Lightthief