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    Looking or an Fullframe SLR - Your Experience needed

    the 6D is fantastic, just buy it right now. I wouldn't worry too much about the GPS depleting batteries, I've used my 6D with one battery on a 12 hour shoot with the GPS turned on accidentally and never needed to change the battery. I use class 10 UHS-1 Transcend Ultimate cards and they're...
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    Is ARRI Canon's Biggest Obstacle in Professional Cinema?

    ARRI is not Canon's biggest obstacle. CANON is Canon's biggest obstacle. There is still a huge demand for film and Canon don't make any film cameras. it's that simple.
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    I'm done - I have all the lenses I need

    Just to jump in on the Honda Jazz, it was called that here in the UK, too. I'm pretty sure it was the name they used for the entire European market and the middle east. Companies often call cars different names in the US, and sometimes in East Asia, too, though I think the Honda Fit was called...
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    ViewBug Photo Contest Winner for November

    this is such a great photo, has a lovely natural feel to it. Too many people seem to want to use grad ND filters, Photoshop/Lightroom or HDR techniques to bring the clouds/sky detail back into images but this is just perfect.
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    Off Brand: Sony Announces the A7 & A7R Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras

    Re: Off Brand: Sony Announces the A7 & A7R Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras No need to get rid of all your Canon glass, with an adaptor for the Sony you could keep using them and save yourself A LOT of money. That Sony/Zeiss glass is even more overpriced than Canon glass :P!
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    Sigma 18-35 f/1.8 DC?

    Sigma have confirmed that the lens is real, it looks fantastic. If only I still had my 7D
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    A 4000$ budget for Lenses on 5D3... need suggestions

    no one. not a single person (unless I missed it) has mentioned the 24-105mm f/4L lens are we all forgetting how great this lens is or are we all blinded by the new mark II 24-70 f/2.8 :P just the fact that the 24-105mm is so affordable now makes it even more attractive and we can't deny that...
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    Why I Chose a Canon EOS 6D over a 5D MKIII

    The only reason I don't have a 6D right now is because of it's size and weight. Comfort is a big thing for me when shooting and the overall feel of the 6D just doesn't do it for me. Loved your review, though! and some great images. Thanks for sharing! =)
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    5d2 officially discontinued.

    The used market is absolutely swamped with quality used 5D2's I would happily buy another or even 2 since it's easy to find them for less than £1,000 and even £900 but that money is saved for new glass!
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    Using 1DX in very low temperatures

    I've used a 7D in similar temperatures in Iceland and never had any problems - just make sure you have an extra battery - or two! =D
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    First Round of EOS 7D Mark II Specs [CR1]

    "New Ergonomic Design" the 7D was pretty damn perfect (pretty sure that's why the 5D mark III is clearly modelled on it) - shouldn't try to fix something that isn't broken. I'm not sure about the increase in MP - sure it'll have an all new sensor but still - 18mp would be just fine on an...
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    Portrait: 85mm 1.8 or 100mm 2.0

    I would happily suggest the Sigma 85mm f/1.4 very useful comparison here with the Canon 85mm f/1.2 -
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    New EF-S Lenses Are Coming [CR2]

    Dooo love the ef-s 10-22mm, Such a lovely lens to use. sadly had to sell it after upgrading to 5DII and the 16-35L is out of my price range. Still missing that wide focal range :'(
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    a used Canon 5D, a budget way to go full frame?

    According to what I've read before the 5D is pretty notorious with dusty sensors. As verysimplejason says above you'll get very little improvement and the camera doesn't have Live View (which isn't always essential but it's very, very handy). It also has an unreliable rear LCD with regards to...
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    5D MKII Used?

    sounds like a good price to me, especially since it's been so well used. I just bought a used mark II with less than 800 actuations (it's basically new) and paid £1,050 (about $1695), I couldn't throw my money at the guy fast enough