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    Patent: More diffractive optics super telephoto lenses

    Zen master. I hope to attain your level some time. (Probably after I get a 600mm :))
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    Patent: More diffractive optics super telephoto lenses

    Don't get your knickers in knot. Did you read my post or just get pithy (can I say pissy?) when you read something not positive about Canon and/or RF? What I said was "RF has some really great stuff and has a really bright future but I highly doubt it will play any role in my future." The EOS...
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    Patent: More diffractive optics super telephoto lenses

    RF. All depends on your perspective. RF is an immature system that will take years to fill out. I'm not willing to play the waiting game. RF has some really great stuff and has a really bright future but I highly doubt it will play any role in my future. There are lots of companies out...
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    Patent: More diffractive optics super telephoto lenses

    Canon just bores me now, I don't expect them to do anything interesting for me ever again. Development announcements, Half baked and lower end cameras, just don't do it for me. I'm much more interested in the 3rd party vendor news.
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    Anyone will buy a DSLR now?

    Yes. I retooled during the Christmas season. No Rs in the new kit. I'm kind of waiting to see if there is a new 7D. If not I may get a 7D II or another 5DIV. I may consider an R if there is something at least as good as the 5DIV and a complete camera system, not pending software updates.
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    APS-C DSLR lineup to get a shake up? [CR1]

    Unless they want to move us to another brand. If they move it mirrorless then I probably buy a 7DII on closeout or just live with 1 body. If they bring out a new DSLR then I buy that. I won't go mirrorless until they have a mature product line, in other words many years. For me photography...
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    Patent: Canon Image Sensor Stabilization

    Canon has written a white paper on IBIS for the DSLR, they think it is impractical. The main problem is trying to keep the view finder image in sync with the sensor image. To do this you have to have the mirror assembly and sensor on the same IBIS controlled platform. If you don't stabilize...
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    CarePAK PLUS "Penalty" to Early Buyers of EOS R

    That's the way promotions work. I can understand the disappointment but I have no sympathy. I just bought a 5Div, 24-105 and 100-400. I knew going in that sale/promotion season was right around the corner but I didn't want to wait any more so I made the purchase. Canon sells product...
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    New diffractive optics super telephoto lenses on the way, with a new twist….. [CR1]

    Not sure how I feel, I'm all in on EF at this point and I would like to see the EF 600 DO. I doubt I could afford/justify a new 600 of any flavor anyway. My wife and I only spent $7000 to get engaged and married, I think she'd be a little miffed if I spent more on a lens then I spent on her...
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    Another Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L IS mention [CR2]

    Hard to believe there is a debate. Not sure how R sales are going but they didn't seem to be flying off the shelves. Very little chatter on the pre-order threads, stores have them in stock the same day pre-orders start shipping and CPW had street price discounts day 1. Right now I'm buying my...
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    Another Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L IS mention [CR2]

    That is the expectation but there was a patent that used the lens IS system in conjunction with the IBIS. IBIS Patent
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    Flagship EOS R camera coming in February ahead of CP+? [CR1]

    I don't belong here, I'm such an amateur. :cry: I can only afford laminate.
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    Tamron officially announces the SP 15-30mm F/2.8 Di VC USD G2 (Model A041)

    Both B&H and Adorama have the Canon EF mount in stock, neither have the Nikon mount. Not in line with the announcement but I'll take it. Hope someone is testing it out for us.
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    POLL? How many are preordering the EOS R?

    That's 2299 for the body and 100 for the adapter. Still cheaper than the 5D IV. But . . . I'm with Geek on this one. Just upgraded from 50D to the 5D IV and very happy. For me the R has 3 major problems: #1 it isn't available (and I was ready to buy), #2 it isn't known/understood (what are...
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    Canon EOS R vs 5D Mark IV - Pros & Cons

    5D IV +Available now, known/understood system and full functionality is not pending firmware updates. Just got my 5D IV last week and so far I'm very excited and pleased. Lots to learn stepping up from a 50D.