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    Change capture time with Capture One

    Ever get an answer for your question? I'm dealing with the same issue currently since switching to Capture One.
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    The Canon EF 85mm f/1.4L IS USM Has Started Shipping in North America

    BINGO! I'm diggin' mine!
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    Canon U.S.A. Unveils New “Canon See Impossible” Videos

    Was the use of a tiny font in the video done to emphasize that it's difficult to read in the dark underwater? Well done!
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    *UPDATED* Here's an Updated 2017 Canon Roadmap

    Re: Here's an Updated 2017 Canon Roadmap I would love to know the status of an updated TS-E 45mm as well!
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    Lighting modifier recommendations- softboxes, umbrellas, shape, size?

    Thanks for this tip and your video. Very helpful when using the Westcott Apollo!
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    Gel Systems: Honl vs Rogue? (and is 600EX's gel holder viable?)

    I use the Rogue gel kit system and it works fine for weddings. However, as Syl Arena has mentioned, the Honl system allows for a faster change of gels if time is a factor (setting sun). If I buy more, next time I'm trying the Honl system.
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    Your favourite motorsports events

    Love these panning shots! Especially the first one! Lens and shutter speed?;topic=18814.0;attach=45949;image
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    MY dog

    Very nice shot!
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    motorsport photos

    Thanks for the info. We have a local drag strip near me in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Oh how I wish it had a "bridge" overlooking the drag strip like the one in your photo. Very unique perspective, especially for drag racing.
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    motorsport photos

    Really like the second pic, looks like a tilt-shift but your Flickr page says a 400mm was used. How did you get this perspective?
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    Decisions decisions...

    I have the 300 2.8 II and I love this lens. I was in your dilemma awhile back a chose the lens over the 1dx. I still want the 1dx but I've been able to get by without it for the time being. Since you have the 5d mk III, 7d and both teleconverters, I think you would get more benefit from the...
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    600EX-RT + ST-E3-RT remote zoom setting?

    Unfortunately, zoom is not possible with the ST-E3-RT. I wish it was. I love mine too.