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    Three new RF prime lenses coming in early 2020 [CR2]

    $10K and 10kg
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    Canon EOS 90D Specification List [CR1]

    dual digic in an 80D, but not in the 5D4 or EOS R. Only a 7 series has had dual digic outside the 1 series and 5Ds. Those specs seem way too good for an 80D replacement but if it's to repalce7DII as well it's believable. That would be a D7500 killer but I doubt AF will touch the D500.
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    Patent: Dual internal teleconverter telephoto lens.

    That is rather clever. But will we get a 300 f/4 with very poor mfd like the 400 f/5.6 or will that improve to get something more like the current 300 f/4L. 300 f/4L IS is a great lens for floral portraits and larger insect work like dragonflies etc. But current 100-400 are even better.
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    Canon EOS 90D Specification List [CR1]

    Gosh I hope they don't rehash the 80D's AF system. Time to get your act together Canon you're a distant 3rd or 4th these days.
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    A new Canon DSLR seems to be getting teased on social media by a Canon ambassador

    1DXIII will get hybrid sensor, shooting 16fps with mechanical shutter and 30fps with e-shutter. Not beyond current sensor tech to read a sensor that fast, well at least for Sony that is and Olympus offer 60fps with large caveats and Fuji 30fps with caveats too. I would love Canon to get a...
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    Canon registers a 32.5mp APS-C DSLR in Taiwan

    And m4/3 has a new 34MP sensor coming, with 136MP FF equivalent resolution, which makes this 32MP APS-C look lame. If this new 32MP is one of Sony’s new sensors, then it might be a beauty, but I’d want it in a camera with the best AF around, which would mean a 7DIII with at least 1DXII class AF...
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    A couple of EOS R cameras that can be considered “pro” are in the pipeline [CR1]

    Sounds like a long wait for a decent mirrorless offering. Too long for many.
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    The RF mount “Holy Trinity” should be ready to ship before the end of July 2019 [CR2]

    Where the hell is the 300 f/2.8L IS III and 500 f/4L IS III, the only thing that realy matters. Will they wait 5 years and only make RF version while they make some mythical R sports camera that can shoot fast action at more than 3fps with tracking.
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    The 2020 RF lens roadmap, up to 8 new lenses coming in 2020

    Why can they give us a lens roadmap but not a camera roadmap. This indicates they have no faith in themselves to deliver a truly class leading camera any more. They don't need many details just a broad outline of what to expect. Not a chance in hell I'd buy into the R system without indication...
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    A leaked document suggests that Canon has a 63mp full frame image sensor in the works.

    So many leaks about products that'll we'll never see, what about what we will see. I suspect Canon doesn't want leaks of more trailing edge specs to further disillusion the faithful.
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    Is the EOS 7D Mark II the last in the 7D series? We’re told that it is [CR1]

    Nikon released the 7DIII 3 years ago. Why wait. 7DII was a major disappointment and I highly doubt Canon could even offer something better than the D500 anyway even with 4 years to get it right. I'll believe it when I see it that Canon can have a competitive mirrorless action oriented camera...
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    All new 24mp sensor coming to the next Canon ILC’s [CR1]

    I skipped the 7DII and got sick of waiting for 7DIII, got the D500 and 200-500 instead. Awesome combo. I'll be surprised if Canon can even surpass that 4 years after it's release.
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    All new 24mp sensor coming to the next Canon ILC’s [CR1]

    In a word yes if they are talking about line skipping. Sony's 24MP sensor in the A9 and A7III are actually 25.3MP just what you need to do full sensor 6K read-out, which is then downsampled to 4K. It will be a big deal if Canon can offer 4K without a crop let alone any notion of them doing 6K...
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    It looks like firmware v1.2.0 for the Canon EOS R will be released on April 18, 2019

    By that logic they should at least get Nikon then.