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    Post your best portraits(street, studio, candid etc...).

    This was a family portrait session in Boston Commons. The smiles are genuine
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    What is your keeper rate?

    This! Memory is so cheap as well as hard drive. It really doesn't hurt it keep it all and keep clicking. The only downside I find is having to go through all of them while in post. But even then with a fast computer its a non issue.
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    Some really beautiful stuff here. I took a bunch this fall, let me find some and post it here.
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    How do you deliver photos/video to clients?

    Congrats on your first gig! That feeling is great, remember it. Dropbox is the easiest and cleanest. It is the method that I use now. I started off with CD, but quickly realize when one of my client told me they have no CD drive on any of their computers to read the disk. Moved to Dropbox...
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    Beautiful sunsets

    @Camera nut Really nice photo, using the palm tree as a silhouette
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    Deep Sky Astrophotography

    @telemaq76 That photo is amazing. Thanks for sharing
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    Famous icons in your city

    Boston Acorn Street, Beacon Hill Boston Must be the most photographed street in Boston
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    Things that bug me.

    Yellow Jacket found dead inside my house. body split in half 8 sec f/57 iso 100 105mm
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    Thank you! Really appreciate the comments. Mat Tam
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    Deep Sky Astrophotography

    Belgrade Maine, 10 sec f.18 ISO 1600 This might not show the galaxy far far away. But it adds some depth to the stars. Hope you guys like it.
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    Boston City. f18 30sec
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    Filter advice?

    I have the Breakthrough screw on filter. I do find that it is quite annoying to screw on and off. I do not take a lot of photos with the filter. If I do I might have to consider changing to the LEE filters. But I am happy with the coloring on the breakthrough. There are tons of reviews on...
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    High Quality Printing

    As the other reply already suggested. It depends on what you are looking to print. For prints, the ones mentioned are great choice. Are you looking for canvas or other type or prints? For stuff like acrylic, etc there is whitewall. I saw them at WPPI in vegas and it provides something...
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    Experience with Visible Dust Products

    The best resolution is having more camera bodies to avoid changing lens outdoor frequently. Now you can never have enough bodies so sensor cleaning is needed. I use the following product from amazon and it has been great for me. You can read the reviews yourself. I always have a desk lamp...