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    Industry News: Sony officially announces the α9 II

    So far Capture One does not support PSB when sending files for editing to PS, only PSD and TIFF, and I prefer native PSD, and keeping file size below 2Gb by merging layers when needed while editing. Whatever possible I am trying to do in C1 before sending to PS, C1 supporst up to 16 ayers, a...
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    Industry News: Sony officially announces the α9 II

    GFX100 is a very good system upgrade from FF system. I was waiting such kind of camera for a long time (they did exactly what I wanted - many different things) and I also was considering a7rIV but decided to go with gfx100. After Sony announced a7rIV and seeing sensor tests results I decided to...
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    Canon will reclaim their full-frame megapixel crown [CR1]

    Would be interesting if Canon could come up with 100mpx camera using own up-to-date sensor technology on par with the Sony latest line of new generation sensors. This could help keep the market very competitive to the benefits of users of any brand, be this Canon, Sony, Nikon or L-mount...
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    What about that EF 200-600mm f/4.5-5.6 IS from Canon?

    You are right, discussion was not about merits of the Sony vs Canon 100-400mm lenses. Discussion was what kind of performance could be expected from Sony 200-600mm lens at 600mm based on published MTF charts and initial reviews. MTF charts shows that this lens expected to have approximately...
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    What about that EF 200-600mm f/4.5-5.6 IS from Canon?

    I have both 100-400 from Canon and Sony and I was using Canon 100-400 with metabones adapter on Sony a7r2 and then on a7r3 and then I bought sony 100-400GM and after I that never used Canon one on Sony body, only on 1DXm2. I am more pleased with Sony 100-400 GM than with Canon 100-400 and on a9...
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    What about that EF 200-600mm f/4.5-5.6 IS from Canon?

    I understand that there are number of people understanding fundamental basics but a lot of posts here are written by people which do not belong to this camp and they post for the sake of post just repeating some myphs from internet or some others opinions. Probaly ones which have deep...
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    What about that EF 200-600mm f/4.5-5.6 IS from Canon?

    As per already available MTF charts Sony 200-600 performance at 600mm is on par with Canon 100-400 L II at 400mm and very close to Sony 100-400GM at 400mm and noticeably better than Canon 100-400 with 1.4x extender. So 200-600 most probably would be better option than any (sony or canon)...
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    RF 50mm f/1.2L on DxOMark: How to decipher?

    What is interesting are real measurements results and not lens scores. 1. F-stops vs T-stops: Canon RF 50mm F/1.2 has only 1.5 T-stops while competing Sony 50mm F1.4 has 1.6 T-stops, which means Canonn has higher optical losses and as result there is almost no benefit in shooting low light...
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    FoCal AFMA for Nikon Z6 / Z7 Mirrorless coming

    Couple of years ago i asked them to provide support for mirrorless cameras to be able to test lens performace on MILC. All lens have variations in performance and i consdered FoCal as good tool to measure lens performace at home to see if my lens copy is good and also do periodic lens checks...
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    Any idea of when a global electronic shutter will come to a digital stills mirrorless camera?

    This is around the corner, just look at this : Who knows may be it will be available for Canon as well ))
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    POLL? How many are preordering the EOS R?

    Best solution in this respect (dust protection) is Fujifilm GFX 50S and R and future GFX100. To protect sensor from dust they put glass protection filter 9mm in front of the sensor in the lens mount assembly. This also clearly seen on published pictures. So no dust on the sensor, easy clean...
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    Are Canon mirrorless camera's more susceptible to sensor dust ?

    To my experience dust cleaning using IBIS mechanism to shake sensor is pretty useless. Maybe it could shake-off big dust particles which rarely could be on sensor but for small ones effect is practically equal to zero. I think ultrasonic cleaning is better way, at least on my 1DXm2 I...
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    Industry News: Nikon Teases Their Full Frame Mirrorless Camera & New Mount

    Something that I really like about Fuji approch is that by placing separate sensor protection glass at some distance from sensor they solved one of the very irritating problems of mirrorles cameras which is that sensor is not well protected from dust and gather dust very easily and cleaning...
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    Industry News: Nikon Teases Their Full Frame Mirrorless Camera & New Mount

    Interesting article from Fujifilm regarding design approach for new G mount for GFX 50s MF MILC: Like their approach to the design of new mount. One of the things that captured my eye was approach to placing sensor protection cover glass and...
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    NYT's Doug Mills has converted to A9

    I leave that to you to do this with your 1dxm2 if you want to see results and take all the consequencies and resulting losses ;D Good luck :)