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    Canon EOS 90D full specifications

    As a 7 D mk2 user (x2) for Sports (Non league Football standard) in the UK i am hoping for a Mk 3 not this 90, my reasons are, The 7d mk2 body takes a hammering pitchside at football/rugby, American Football etc and my 2 current ones are dented,scratched, well worn etc could the 90 body stand...
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    Canon 7D II Error 20

    Hi Hector. Had exactly the same on one of my mk2's. it was one of the first in the UK as i got it on pre-order so done just under 4 years at the end of August. It started at a Football match coming up with error 20, told me turn off check battery connections which i did 30 or so later it did it...
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    B&H Photo Hands-On With the EOS 7D Mark II

    Re: B&H Photo Hands-On With the EOS 7D Mark II Correct me if i am wrong but i thought a couple of times he says 24 mp sensor even the two others there do not correct him. So has he got a 24mp sensor-ed pre-production 7D mk11 and has done a review on that and not on a 7D mk11 which Canon are...
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    CLOSED: Gura Gear Giveaway!

    Re: Gura Gear Giveaway! I want to win Would cheer me up after a few bad days Not seen much of this stuff over here in the UK