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    Is the EOS 7D Mark II the last in the 7D series? We’re told that it is [CR1]

    I am possibly crazy to think this, but i'm expecting the following quote to mean that the M5 mark II could be the 7D replacement. If a higher end EOS M sells well there could be a crop R in the future... "The second camera we’re told that is coming for sure in 2019 is a replacement to the...
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    Here’s a vague Canon roadmap for 2019 [CR1]

    I'll take a shot at this too, based solely on the premise that Canon likes sales. 1- A new 7d/80d mashup is in the works. Those sell really well and likely have higher margins than Rebels 2- Canon has a ton of speciality sensor tech that they are sitting on, and a hight resolution EOS R would...
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    What’s next for the Canon EOS R system and the rest of the lineup?

    I'm still crossing my fingers for a new 7d. The RP is cute and the price is nice, but i'd much prefer put that money on the features of the better 7d body, even if it has a smaller sensor....
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    Here are the full Canon EOS R specifications

    I really like the specs... But you save some size on the camera and then need to carry 4 batteries.