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    Canon EOS RP to cost $1599? [CR1]

    I have EOSR for a while and I returned it to shop. I hoped the RP will be PRO body with new sensor comparable with A7RIII. Now I know the pro body will come in the end of 2019, so I will buy this EOS RP body (I had 6D and it was so good camera, very good high iso noise) and wait for EOS R PRO...
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    Canon thinks the camera market will drop by another 50% over the next two years

    I'm with canon from 2006, but now I think the future belongs to SONY. It's like canon can't make more innovative matrix than that from 5D Mark IV...
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    Patent: Non-L RF Mount zoom lenses

    Give me smaller, more lightweight RF 100-400 and I'm taking it.